Destiny; Will you embrace change?


Destiny, all the sums of our work, plans and experiences coming together to form a concrete picture. The paths that speak are ones of possiblity. What is right in ones life is usually well sought after. If it is the true path it usually reveals itself and desired greatly and prized over all else. Mindful, contemplated and heart felt destiny is a path engraved like blood in the vein’s of a channel. It goes to one place sooner or later but most definitely back to the heart to be tempered/oxygenated. Most things are never set in concrete until certain incidents, circumstances and conditions put it into movement are set in stone. Some things we can change, like what we can do at this very moment. Some things cannot be changed once it has been passed in time.

Life is a one way current and what we do to prepare for the future is what we do now to change the world for the better. This will effect all of time. All tenses of time can be manipulated, warped and distorted with the correct medium. The distortion of the past through the manipulation of the present can warp the future. This must not be the focus though the higher understanding of all this is that if you understand the true purpose and the best outcome for the world, then we must know what we should do. Do what we do best to ensure that outcome and formulate strategically a paved direction we need to go in and the rest will follow. This done in our mind and calculated/measured and balanced maybe plotted/written and envisioned. If things happen differently then we adapt and try to balance it best we can.

We must picture the best outcome and sometimes the best outcomes are the ones that happen to be the ones unknown. When the sum of life come together to give us a product it can be a surprise what can surface. Plans can change as we are given more tools and pieces to the puzzle. Unknown factors are given at any point in time and we must mend, correct and do life justice. Everything is made to change. If we ever lose sight of our goals and become unwilling to play the game of change, then we have fallen and it means our time is over and it’s time to give up the reins to new players who have greater ideals, hopes and passion for the future. Tradition is of the past, sustaining is the work of the present and change is a movement of the future. Tradition/history/past will always influence our motives, in sustaining life in the present we must prepare and move forth in the changes for the future. Only in change can we become better and achieve higher/nobler/more mindful aspirations.

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