Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 29 “About life”: Overcoming the entropy of life

Time is psychological, cosmological and thermal.

Time only moves one direction, forward. You may be losing time you will never get it back when not investing in yourself.

Entropy is the disorder of things through life.

Expecting is the enemy. Expecting endless time or reverse time we hit a pitfall there. Not investing time effectively, invest time into yourself.

Injection of time, effort on life.

Entropy is part of life. It’s a cycle.

Learn from other people, transcend time. Intelligence can be found from dead people from books, living people in life, in intuition inside yourself.

Who are you studying under. Adopt your mentor be a child of their intelligence.

Life is not that it is short. It is how you spend your time you may never get back, so investing in yourself is the first step.

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