The Mushiest Wishful Thinking About Love and Expectations Poem Ever


-To whomever destiny regards, wishing my hardest

What are the chances that she’ll read this:

An angel, my redemption.

A hidden hymn in sweet silhouette with contrast in my life.

It’s absence is the darkest color i can give.

The shadow is a longing for the day that only haunts me in dreams.

There is no outlet, no vent and those thoughts are cooking hotly under pressure.

Deviant, defiant and heartless this journey is growing.

Yet, brilliant, graceful and insightful one becomes.

As something nestled in a cocoon of a butterfly, maybe one day it may fly.

Hopes and desires, dreams to accomplish what is impossible.

Is there a truth in love, or is it just a fancy poem made to contemplate over?

Life in it’s strangeness continues to surprise and inspire.

The outcome never sits still.

Maybe love is inevitable and undeniable.

Maybe our butterfly is meant for someone else.

And these butterflies bottled up are hoping to end us by implosion.

Though i would rather be found dying kicking and fighting then to die submitting gracefully.

I’m seeing stars, the allure of them.

Though there’s so many questions left to ask.

Will my life be negated from finding truth if i find what my heart seeks?

Or was that the purpose of the whole journey?

To find random love, in a random place, at a random time with a random person.

To suffer life, joy, pain and imminent time,

To meet this one person in a whim of chance that they’ll grant me a future with them.

What is life but to exist and do what you can,

Follow dreams, do what you love and sow seeds so future generations can experience life.

Warmth of the sky encompasses my cold world.

Why contemplate something so rich, pure and intricate.

You can only experience it. One life, one soul and many loves.

Evolution is about trial and error, Darwinism tells us,

Adapt, evolve and change – but love is unchanging, unconditional, selfish yet selfless.

Sounds like love is as complex as god.

All i ask is if i can have just one good happy love i can hold to.

I’ll start sending love letters like resumes when she forces down a divine marriage from the sky.

Is it fair to wish for something and expect no consequence?

Only time can tell, I just hope in our lives we’ll have enough time to determine if eros love is real.

Harmlessly an idea, for ideas are what i love,

Here’s hoping a manifestation of an idea will come to be for those willing to wait.

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