#heforshe, Feminism vs Equality for all beings.


Dear Miss Feminism: ‘All in or not at all. You can’t half ass it.’

No one is equal to another human being. They all have different attributes, levels of potential and passion to contribute to society. I will now argue that men and women are not equal – in how they are built. Testosterone and estrogen release different chemicals and each individual has different levels of them. Men have different attribute and virtues because of this. Woman may also embody feminine virtues like grace, mercy and wisdom ideally for example. Men domain might be power, control and spirituality. When we speak of this spectrum of man and woman we are identifying that we speak of the ideal extremes of these cases. See, we contribute to areas we lack its a symbiotic complimentary relationship.

Though this is true, the colors of the rainbow of people LGBT community will compose of the grey, hints and hues of the spectrum. We can agree that we are like a large dysfunctional family and everyone has problems and flaws. If you were fighting for true Equality in general it would make sense but you are fighting for a side that is only part of the spectrum. Females have equality problems. Colors have problems. Lesbian, gays, bisexual and transsexuals will have problems with equality. Disabled, dysfunctional and people with disorders have equality issues. We’re all victims in one way or another, you cannot scream that you are a victim when we as humans will suffer the problems of the human condition, life itself. But it’s a start i guess.

I’m saying that the direction of all this is wrong. We’re not fighting for equality – we’re fighting for a balance in the system for acceptance of the diversity in our sexuality. Intolerance, discrimination and hate altogether have to stop. And labels that label wrong don’t help the situation. Just respecting each other isn’t enough, we have to actively seek out and aid the cause against this hate injustice.

Woman getting paid as much as men may be a problem and mistreatment of women may also be a problem. But man does not equal woman. Man+Woman does not equal man/woman. It equals child, the product of man and woman at it’s finest. It’s a complimentary relationship. The label for fighting for feminism is as trivial as bullying in schools and fat shaming and race discrimination. If you see the slice of pie for what it is, see the whole pie.. and then beyond the pie. checkout it’s neighbors the cake and pastries. Go for all human equality. I just wanted you to acknowledge the differences in man and woman but understand the true cause.

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