Poetry; Bound to be a Moth to Light Legacy


Bound to be a Moth to Light Legacy

Are we truly destined to be moths to the light?

Why has life been created this way?

Without seeking light we become a husk of beings;

a pessimist, materialistic and completely submitting atheist

Do we really want to believe in nothing,

Because even a vague, general, limited and benevolent God starts sounding like a good idea.

The Closer we are to the truth the more prone we are,

To lose our wings completely,

blinded by the radiance of light,

As if we were paying for a consequence for it’s gifts,

Through madness, mental illness and disorders,

It’s as if God created a system where only the,

Rightful may find it’s place in truth,

I’ve been warned and as Icarus i’m flying mighty high,

I wonder if one can say he deserved it in the end,

For trying and prying what is unknowable.

I’m guessing that’s where our evolved forms take over,

The ones gifted with other worldly powers clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairambient,

What do the normal people do but defy the odds of misfortunes

and conform themselves to fortunes foretold.

I guess this is where truth becomes a game of tossing rocks.

You toss from far away and hope you hit the target.

Don’t get burned by the light,

I am god of your mechanical physics compartmentalized, here i am;

my feet the electromagnetism of gravity.

my hands your actions of love, compassion and understanding.

my arms is the strength to hold up benevolently; authority,  justice, and liberty.

my body is made of space.

my heart are functional life giving systems; Stars and star systems. The center of trade, economics and business

my organs are society running facilities; Planets and solar systems for trade, economics and business

my cells are made of particles.

my head is your thoughts as neural patterns of the collective.

My essence is you, my power is through you, my thoughts are with you,

My virtues, attributes, qualities make my personality.

Virtues; Studies of Religion, Science and Humanism. 

Attributes; Divinity, Technology and Health and Wellness.

Qualities; Poetry, Fiction and Dreams

If you are benevolent, so will i be also.

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