Mapping out Quantum Gravity concept. Starting with relativity.


Book of Physics; Relativity, Quantum, String and Quantum gravity.

Chapter: Relativity; Mass, Force and Electromagnetism. Life giving attributes.

Paragraphs: Chapter 1 Relativity;

Mass: Elements, Properties and Attributes. Virtues.

Elements; Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Lightning, Molten lava. Crystal.

Properties; Surface, Weight, Density, Sturdiness, Conductivity, Healing properties. Divination.

Attributes; Constitution, Memory, Maintenance, Process, Function. Life. Prophecy.

Force: Substance, Motion and Acceleration. Gravity

Substance: Solid, Liquid and Gas. Plasma

Motion: Linear, Reciprocating and rotating. Folding

Acceleration: Thrust, Speed and Resistance. (smell, sound, light) Barriers.

Electromagnetism: Electrostatics, Magneto-statics, and Electrodynamics. Electrical networking.

Electrostatics; Potential, Energy and Pressure. Electricity

Magneto-statics; Size, Friction and Electric current. Atmosphere.

Electrodynamics; Electric, Velocity and Magnetic. Quantum Electrodynamics.

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