Mapping out Quantum Gravity concept. Quantum mechanics.


This is the 3 Dimensional Poem for Quantum Mechanics. Complex, difficult and exhausting. I’m not looking forward to deciphering String theory. =(

Quantum Mechanics:

Particle, Wave and Light. Antimatter.

Particle: Nucleus, Molecule and Atom. Quark.

Nucleus: DNA, RNA and Nuclear Proteins

Molecule: Organic, Inorganic, Noble gas.

Atom: Protons, Electrons and Neutrons.

Anti-atom: Anti-protons, Positrons and Anti-neutrons.

Quark: Up, Down, Strange, Charm, Top, Bottom

Anti-quark: Anti-up, Anti-down, Anti-strange, Anti-charm, Anti-top, Anti-bottom.

Wave: Ripples, Echo and Vibration. Frequency.

Ripples: Fluid, Rhythmic and Touch. Premonition.

Echo: Sonar, Repeating and Location. Visions.

Vibration: Resonating, Tuning and Sensing. Psychic.

Frequency: Harmonic, Attuning and Knowing. Remote Viewing.

Light: Subatomic particles, electromagnetic waves and  photons. Vitamin D.

Subatomic particles: consistent, orbiting and governing.  Density.

Electromagnetic waves: repeating, oscillating and synchronizing. Warmth.

Photons: Electromagnetic, Wavepacket and Harmonized. Photosynthesis.

Vitamin D: Happiness, Protection and Pro-hormone. Pro-Life Beneficiary.

Antimatter: Cosmic Debris, Cosmic Radiation and Cosmic Star/Blackhole. Infinity Star/Giant Blackhole.

Cosmic Debris: Miniblackholes that evaporate, self-destructive and unstable. Power

Cosmic Radiation: High energy, Accelerated Oscillating and Particle-wave like Behavior. Mutation

Cosmic Star: High energy, Life giving and Radiant. A warm life giving star.

Blackhole: Wormhole, Consuming and Rebirth. Manifestation into the multi-dimension.

Infinity Star: Super High energy, Overwhelming Life giving attributes that burst you into flames and Radiance to the point you can’t see anything. A giant fearsome star.

Giant Blackhole: Giant Wormhole, All Consuming and inter-dimensional rebirth into the multidimensional. Infinite manifestation across all realities.

Oh and physics also says the gravity around a black hole is pretty crazy. If physics doesn’t kill you first though maybe the singularity inside might let you slide by. You don’t know how you’ll turn out on the other side, you could be a pile of human goop. Or you could be saved my higher dimensional beings from the other side, beings who may welcome you or turn you away. Who knows, who wants to find out? =)

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