The Truth Tree

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Tree of Completion: Roots of Universe, Roots of Truth and Roots of God. Roots of Determined Fate

Truth is when all three reality, fact and actuality come together as a solution.

Truth Tree;

Truth Tree: Reality, Fact and Actuality. Paradigm.

Physical, Mental and Spiritual

People, Places and Things.

Body of Truth: Body, Mind and Soul. Harmonized.

Body: God, Annunaki and Naacals. Future human beings.

Mind: Purposeful creation, Combination and Adapting evolution. Resolved realization.

Soul: Distribute,  Expand and Communicate. Comprehend.

Mind of Truth: Product, Function and System. Parallel.

Product: Shadow, Body and Light. Realms of realities.

Function: Ego, Soul and Extensions of God. God.

System: Sigma, Reaganomics and Attraction. Actualization.

Spirit of Truth: Space, Time and Dimension. Attuned.



Dimension: I WILL BE THAT, I WILL. FUTURE עתיד

Soul of Truth: I was, I am and I will be. Synchronized.

I was: Identifying problems, Changing and Spiritual Elevation. Contemplating.

I am: Processing, Adapting and Transitioning. Cocooning.

I will be: Affirming, Praying/Meditating and Transforming. Metamorphosing.

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