Millennial Knights; A path entwined with living nature



In the future the laws of man become so unstable by greed and economic instability that general society collapses. The struggles for living thrifty, sustainable and practical life was real. Rebellions against major corporations soon become mini-Utopian societies created away from poverty and sickness of the masses. Giant countries soon must find a more sustainable and social way of living with each other. There were a whole lot of political conflicts and problems that arose from our main timeline but all was for the good of the whole, with everyone’s heart in mind. Problems arose because we decided to take fate in our hands and push laws that made no sense to control the masses. Police brutalities, government corruption and corrupt black markets that sold humans as slaves; for cheap labor, sex and as servants were the paradigm go to place for human natures inability to adapt to huge influx of population. There’s dragged problems of distribution of wealth, poverty, policing abuse and hate crimes as we call it now when religious zealots act out of schizophrenic impulses.

This new thing that came to be because of the advanced technology and immersing into technology; there are those who are called the soulless. Bio-engineered perfect specimens who live in first world until this day who thrive under Multi-Decillion dollar equivalence under a anonymous currency system called bit-coin currency. There is a huge gap between poverty and the elite. China’s program for bio-engineering humans for the perfect specimen has grown to the point where they were refining, redefining and creating super intelligent super beings with their males hulking and toned and females lithe and petite. They lived to propagate their health and corporate supremacy. These beings felt like they had  no actual life either abstaining or abusing birth-control drugs. Worse of it all if they weren’t they were genetically modified to being not respondent to sex drive and sterile.

There are few in the sex industry who seek to create sexual objects out of humans too which brings in fetishes that have caused political controversy. From making humans with cow sized mammies, to tabooed animal splicing based on furries and other unnatural paradigms of course traditional epitome stripper bodies usually dressed in traditional work uniforms for nostalgia. The deviancy of such things has caused a huge variation in DNA coding of humans. The spectrum now incorporates small traces of animal qualities, even traits and characteristics. Predators and strange perks turn up all around the world.

Society’s philosophy of life is that once we die it is the end. What ever we call it, rebirth, life-cycle or reincarnation, through the transition of returning to the universe – it doesn’t matter how fancy we put it. Once a living being dies even if they come back their mind is wiped and the chance of them remembering who they were is almost less then 2%. So they decided that life is who you are now and what you can do about it at this moment in time.

This world has gotten alittle strange but there is hope in this tale for structure and order. We are drawn back to the millennial knights order of the Sun, stars and planets. There was a woman Queen of the time who wanted to keep the knights order intact. She was very liberal and wanted to see the knights order prosper. She adopted 12 sons from 12 different countries as representatives of their own origin country best she could. Trying to define the human genome and identifying traits that person should have was almost a guessing game but she did best she could. She incorporated transitional representatives and found six of them according to the order of the race.

She taught and trained the 6 pure and 6 transition children to master their language and learn among themselves the main human tongues. English, Spanish, East Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese were the respective pure continental beings each one had to learn multiple languages based on their discriminating race. The transitional were to learn the minority languages inbetween;  French, Jewish, West Indian, Korean, African, Caribbean. The truth was it was not a perfect system the African guy would sometimes be a better representative than the Korean guy of their own native tongue. They were not natives of their own country they were some of them born in American soil and just found to be good candidates for adoption.

The basis of the story is how they came to be, growing up and what their idea of what they would do in a society such as this as diplomatic representatives of their own country under the highest authority.

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