Visited by a toddler shadow person.


Last night 5 am August 12 /15 I was having a strange dream about my mother and that her health was declining. It was quite a grim thought and as i awoke from that thought in my dream  I  saw a toddler about 3 feet tall standing right beside me. At first i thought it was my dog but it walk backwards so fast right into the piano and disappeared. And dogs don’t walk, specifically my dog doesn’t walk at least. It had small legs, I could see little legs moving in a walking motion.  The first emotion I had when I reached my hand  out towards it was shock I knew it wasn’t my dog but reached out for it anyways. I was right up to it’s face when i woke up from the sofa. All i saw was a pitch black 3 feet shadow person observing me while i slept.

Anyone ever have an experience like this before? It has broaden my eyes on the super natural things that happen in our world. I’m surprised and alittle afraid to go back to sleep but it’s just a toddler or something taking the form of a toddler. It probably is safe to assume they mean no harm.

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