Need Stronger Candles. (my complex.)


Driven by the incomprehensible.

Desires for unbelievable.

For lack of words, he who seeks what is not achievable.

I am a casualty of the super natural forces beyond me.

I am a victim of oversight and he who also reaps the rewards of it.

The book of life tells me I am more.

When I feel less.

This journey has been long and has worn me.

My candle stick flickers, threatened to be extinguished.

I am strong, I will not falter.

I will be diligent but at what cost?

What price is to be paid for such feats of strength?

What rewards lay waiting in accompany of victory?

Even heroes can fall to the taint of corruption.

I am strong. i will not falter.

But dear god, I am so lost.

And I don’t want to be found.

Unless it is by what i am looking for.

memories of you are stained on me.

i’m remembering old stories of old times.

Of old people.

Water only flows one direction and the stream of time;

doesn’t allow me to change the past.

I may write my story alone in the dark.

I hold my candle, trying to be brave against the wind.

I’m just so afraid, I’m haunted by a unnatural past.

A place i cannot touch, only to reminisce through a story glass.

Watching through my mind’s eye, or imagination.

What is life, if you can’t tell the difference anymore.

It is this false hope that will drive me into the madness i call reality.

Welcome home.

All too familiar. All too cruel. Just the usual.

Sleep my dear, everything is all right.

It’s just another dream, within a dream.. within somebody’s nightmare

When you wake all the horrors will be meaningless.

and all your dreams and hopes.. they become lingering sparks of potential.

One day. Life will manifest your dreams.

I will realize it was all just a dream or life will grant me it’s shadow of a doppelganger.

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