Life is a Savored Pie


Life is savory, it is a pie. It’s ingredients nurtured to perfection from the ground up. As people are born crawling to adulthood. The dough of the pie kneaded and rolled. The foundation of society must be laid so that life can be paved. In paved i mean to say that life must be full of opportunities, learning of life and passions. The pie must be cooked and to a golden crisp. It is here that you find that it must become aesthetic, appropriate and delicious. Alluring to the taste and tailored to a certain pallet or standard of life. Life is a pie, you mustn’t burn the pie charcoal or make it too under cooked.

This is my metaphor to what life is. It is suitable for consumption and satisfies a human intellect for what it craves. Full of euphoria, positive thought and warmth – encouraging things that brings a person to allow them a peace of mind, understanding and education on ideas that may be complicated and cannot be reasoned. When you trust yourself, you become much more then you think you are. When you believe you can do something wonderful things can occur. When you apply yourself this is where all the magic happens and where realities become manifested.

Enjoy your day,

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