The encompassing question of “Are you a good person?”.


Lets go deeper then black and white, dark and light, bad and good, deep and high. I want to get away from the vague physical of the scope, beyond the complications of circumstance and delve deeper into the world of substance.  I want to get farther than the benevolence of human conscience and direction. Thinking bigger then idealism, capitalism and fanaticism. I want to think to the beneficence of human exploration of what it is to be human. To be curious, thoughtful and compassionate but to be cautious and aware of what we do.

What we do in life matters and does not as well. You cannot be strict on the rules and not have done it yourself. You cannot be stern on your children and not walk that path yourself. Learned behavior from nature and nurture is indoctrinated to us as children. We learn sexuality, but it is also given. Thus as we see more violence in the world so will we be drawn to such behavior, or better in some scenarios appalled and repulsed from it. “Some of them want to be abused and some of them want to abuse you”. This quote meaning that basically you have a universe of opportunity out there for anything you seek whether you want it or not. The word “giving” is key in life though, what we start off with and the measure of how much we give back with the life we have is what matters. What we give back to the world with little we had when we started makes our story great in the end.

The creativity of the mind is intertwined with dreams. (Dreams in a sense of where you want to be where you want to go). Thus they are dreams manifested and realized into life. This component being the dream substance is a variable to what the experience of life is. The other component of life being the solid substance and accomplishments of real life issues and accomplishments that sustain our bodies and drives our soul. The sustenance that is our life and what we do in life and dreams is what drives our soul. Theres also that balance of those two yin and yang polar opposites. And that is to use moderation of the two and find a medium balance of the two worlds. That is sleep, a virtual reality life exploring function you tune into every time you snuggle into your covers at night and close your eyes.

When we create beings in a virtual world like an MMO or character selection screen we create a being and we perfect it in ways we see a person should be/appear/look like. And put it through endless scenarios of parlous events, we inherit the victories and defeats in our mind. They are victories embedded in our very soul despite it’s 2 bit, 64 bit, Playstation, computer graphics, they are victories of our soul. So i must say that the victories we choose in virtual reality and real life reality matter as we progress in life. If virtual reality and reality are to be entwined and essential to the experience of life. Let us make it go with a bang and do it strong and right.

I believe this thing we call a soul is actually our consciousness in this reality. Morality compass or not, depending on what we thrive for in life – is all a matter of preference. I believe in society becoming brighter, stronger and braver. But i believe it is also a compassionate, understanding and wiser one too. I know in my heart we will choose the right in the end no matter how deep and dark our thoughts tend to wander. I know the path is straight and narrow, that we in the end know where the light is. And that is in our hearts and in the sun “the heart of our solar system called sol”.

No matter where you are, who you are. Know that you are not alone. Good candles will burn just as bright as stronger candles made from the future. The fire is the warmth in our hearts and the brightness is the intellect and wisdom we portrait in life.

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