Technology Based on Light. (Li-fi) (Stars, Lights and Secrets.)


Emerging technology for usage of light as data medium.

What is light but data. Light is our sword through the sea of stars and darkness.  The technology of lasers and the control of it’s more moderate intensities will pave new way to how we look at life and what we can do. I’m going to talk about some things we can do/should do with the emerging technology that has come about as of late and ideas that Einstein proposed that could allow us to pave way for amazing perks and technologies we have and can establish.

Extreme gravity bends light.

The study say that photons can be bent around things such as black-holes and giant masses with huge gravitational pulls.

Mass causes space time to bend.

Einsteins relativity rules say that Gravity is created because space-time is bent. So with this thinking we create something with high density and mass like a miniature star/ minature black-hole, simpler put a tiny dense mass with high gravity, or maybe create some kind of field that can create and distort gravity and have it situated some where in the room. This way, Light can be bent and controlled. Blackholes are still not understood so we would have to see if they would cause tear in the fabric of space and time causing pixelated holes dangerous to walk through.

Li-fi technology. Information processing through light.

Visible Light Communication (VLC), a medium that uses visible light between 400 and 800 terahertz (THz). It works basically like an incredibly advanced form of Morse code. And is 100+ times better then wi-fi.

Architecture of mirrors.

Light is known to be relected perfectly between mirrors. In the field of Architecture the use of mirrors and the play on light can be an amazing field to display it’s potential and effects. Visually and Functionally. Imagine the holograms, maps and illusions that can be made.

Glass curvature: concave and convex.

This could compact the light through narrow passages and also broaden the scope of where the light can go depending on how you use it.


Whether it be cutting, shooting intense beams of information and data, building, used for accuracy and measurement. Lasers are our greatest tools in this age.

Significance of Pi

Pi has a formula which approximates the energy levels of a hydrogen atom which is the same as the one developed for Pi.

Could Euler and Phi just as Pi be found in other forms in nature too? The Phi constant can be found in proportion. The Euler constant which is found in the harmonics and natural logarithms can create the pacing of the signal.  Pi as a hydrogen medium. Maybe these constants can help us build something more intertwined with nature and the laws of nature. These three could be used to form a very strong/significant universal constant sign of life that can automate an energy source if it’s true they never end for all of time, fueling AI forever. To put it in form of light format would be the ultimate sign of life and intelligence, a feat over all odds. Just for fun i guess, to see what happens.

As you know the Pyramid of Giza Contains all three constants and paying tribute and respects for this ancient civilization in Egypt would be bonus.

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