Existential Matters of Life


Existential, the matter of whether we really exist or not.

Are we not just extensions of god, a collective of data, ideas, memories and experiences that make up a being in the end we call God.

Is this world really a virtual world in some sense to a degree looking from the higher scope of the universe called the macrocosm? And what would it be like to look from the heavens down to earth? Are we mere ants to the universe and stars? Simply here to exist and disappear in a moment, a spark in the universe? Does god have form? Does he have matter? or is it made of space? is he space, time, dimension and benevolence; an acquired state or an ultimate being in the end of time?

Is he all the failed state of experiences, successes and lives that we live as human beings on Earth? Am i asking the right questions? is life about asking existential questions, whether we exist or not. Whether we have purpose or not? is there a reason that we exist the way we do?

It is the collective end result that matters, and –

I am who I am not because of who I am but who we are because you are who you are so that i can be me.

translation: I am who i am not because of my achievements but because of our collective goals achieved. You need to be comfortable with yourself so that i can be comfortable with myself so that we can can express ourselves the way we were meant to be.

Is life not to explore and be explored? Have fun dearies..

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