The Bride of God

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Earth Mother and Fatherly God

Let us establish two points in time. One is the singularity which is the beginning and the beginning was Almighty God who reigned supreme. He took a step down from his high seat from the benevolent higher dimension world and established himself in the spiritual world becoming Father God and Mother Earth in order to create life on Earth. From there the world conceived and life began.

As a human mother, a womb lifeless and without a soul until it conceives. When the sperm and egg hit the empty wombs wall is when it is conceived and thus then the soul develops (the purpose, function and properties) of life develop and progress and we have a child.

Planet Earth is a lifeless shell and without soul until it conceives. When life is birthed on it’s crust and hydrogen reactions cause amoebas to form in the sea it is conceived and thus leads us to believe it must have a soul (purpose, function and properties) because of the fact that how can a shell that conceives like a woman’s womb in this vast universe where everything is barren and lifeless not have a spirit that dwells inside of it. I have deduced that the womb of this shell we call earth must have a soul and that our planet is unique because it has a living soul that expresses life giving properties. Perhaps other planets and moons and suns have a soul but this Earth distinctly acts as a living body or system and this is evident in itself that the soul must exist, one with purpose, function and properties in order for it to bear life.


Parallel 1: Mother, Human, Family, Humanity

Parallel 2: Mother Earth, Planet Earth, Constellation Sol, Universe


purpose, function and properties

Purpose asks why am I here. To that I answer we are here to experience life to the fullest and dreams to it’s potential. To experience love to it’s highest degree and express it the many different ways possible in life. To realize that we are a collective body and in the end all our experiences will be gods experience. Therefore it only makes sense that he’d want the best for us. It benefits him to see us prosper.

Function asks what can I do. The raw ability of your design. What can you make possible what is your potential.

Properties reveal your effects on people and things and what affect you have on yourself based on who you are. The raw statistics of what you are based on your existence.

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