Christians were my Angels;


Traveling far where light was absent,

At the cost of their lives and the costs of managing this risk,

They came,

From the depths of the cruel jungles

A path rewritten,

a life redrawn,

The many times I have hesitated before dinner to give grace,

I forget where this gift of life came from.

That he altered the path of my life entirely.

Do you know of him?

The one that brought his legions to Earth.

He was a sword, a teacher a miracle worker.

He has passed but-

Now he has an army of faithful serving in this era.

Not completely militant but continuing the path he chose.

He lives in spirit as collective body-

He fights as a rogue despite darkness and sway of powers out there.

He doesn’t care what you think of his methods and approaches

He only lets the products of his works provide it’s argument.

He produced us a functional society.

A promised land, sanctuary from conflict, corruption and tyranny.

I only hear whispers of the war in Vietnam,

The war that was fought that was never really theirs to fight.

Thank the Americans for their investing of time and lives.

Thank you for your efforts in fighting for democracy where it was absent.

The promised land that was given was more then perfect.

To start with a clean slate was all we could ask for.

To start from the bottom to work our way back to stability was all we needed.

You opened doors for those who had nothing.

For that you have my sword.

I fight for hope, faith and redemption in your name and humanity’s

My whole experiences is yours.


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