Thoughtful Moderate Muslim and Oil Sucking Cowardice Bullies (ISIS)

David-and-Goliath1_2048.jpgSo lets talk about being a Muslim. The moderates are modest, kind and thoughtful. They are usually functional citizens who want to live and continue to live a normal life. Pray here and there and eat halal meats. They understand and accept secular law and they act as any good citizen do.

The radicals are another story, endorsing sharia law – that put women in their place. Allowing multiple wives to a husband. Chopping off hands for theft. Lashing for fornication out of wed-lock. Sodomy is penalty of death by decapitation.

Extremists (IS) take it to a whole new level of atrocity. Giving through jihad individual power for a person to take in the their hands the lives of other beings how they see fit according to God in their mind. The State of Islam in itself practices Sharia Law. They care nothing about what they do on earth as long as they are praised in the afterlife. They quote the Koran out of context and manipulate people to follow based on their influence by status and violence.

IS, ISIL and ISIS today. Is the monster that the Muslims cannot contain in the East. Whereas the KKK of the Christian world were nothing but a bunch of misfits gang who preyed on black people. The IS or ISIS is a group the Muslims allowed to bully and abuse it’s people and allow them to secure oil and petroleum capital; allowing this to happen and progressively get worse is very concerning. This pacifist movement of Muslims and not dealing with their bullies IS a Muslim problem. They let them go as far as becoming so big as to bully complete different worlds and nations, it became a world scale problem.

A couple things i do not like about the Islam state at the moment.

  1. The infallibility of the Prophet Muhammad and the literal interpretation of the Quran.
  2. Sharia law
  3. The idea that life after death is more important than life on Earth
  4. Allowing any Muslim to enforce ideas of right and wrong on another
  5. Jihad, or holy war

Bottom line is ISIS is no different from any bully, they prey on the weak, promote intolerance and impose the rule of right and wrong on people based on their own beliefs using their quotes out of context through manipulation and appeal to the masses. They are fueled by money; by hi-jacking, banks, charities, oil companies and of course the Muslim religion as it is. They are the scum of Earth. They are the sort to use hostages of innocent bodies to hide behind and live among the filth of indecency. The new face of cowards.

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