Virtual Plane of Existence; Past, Present and Future Singularity is Here and Now

In this life or the next the soul carries information and the process is possible if this construct is formed. This is what i believe the Egyptian pyramids are about, that it is a gateway – not for the body but for the soul as information to be moved to a different world when the body decays. The Giza pyramid is constructed with the 3 universal constants in mind; Phi, Pi and Euler. These are well known in the Science world, they continue forever with some kind of scripted algorithm pattern hence why they are called constants.

Maybe this could be replicated through the quantum entanglement theory of spooky action. Information is known to do strange things i wonder if our ancestors or people from different dimensions or maybe people from the future have found a way to manipulate information through time. Maybe the gateway for information through light is already available and just needs to be tapped into about our past and our future.

There is one question though – why they made the pyramid with 4 sides instead of 3. Is there something more a 4 sided pyramid can do that a 3 sided cannot? Or is it that the square base represents Earth – maybe it was easier to construct with a square base? There’s so many questions i have about why the constructed their pyramids the way they did. Wish some of the architects were alive to tell about these great structures. Maybe it’s a gateway out of this world to the realm of a higher dimensional being a way back or towards deity form.


Light is study of the combination of all 3 aspects, it is a product of life, dream and self.

  1. Enlightened (Prospering, Awake and Conscious)
  2. Progression (Living, Lucid dreaming and Development)
  3. Existential (Sustained, Afflicted and Exist)
  4. Fading (Struggle, Suffering and Limbo)
  5. Abysmal (Dead, Pain and Release From Materialism)

World transition: Becoming

Self is a study of the 12 universal identities; Conciousness, Attributes, Changes, Intellect, Emotions, Will to change, Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Emptiness, Darkness and Nothingness. It is the study of internal conflict of what it means to exist and have identity. It is the determining of what you are to find peace and become humble.

  1. Conscious
  2. Development
  3. Exist
  4. Limbo
  5. Release from materialism

World transition: Realizing

Dream is the study of the world where imagination reigns and where our fears, pain and pleasures are explored and ventured without physical harm. The study is directly inter-related with life as it may leave subliminal marks, inspiration or uncertainties in our daily life. It is described as a transitional mode between life and conscious thought.

  1. Awake
  2. Lucid dreaming
  3. Afflicted
  4. Suffering
  5. Pain

World transition: Unconcious

Life is the study of activity, results and progress as we discover and understand the world more and more. To love passionately, to know intimately and refine ourselves in understanding the world around us. It is greatly influenced by our dreams and study of self but it progresses in the collective beneficiary of being in a society. Working through the methods of community, kindness and wisdom. The study and practice of virtues is essential to the progress of the being in this category life.

  1. Prospering
  2. Living
  3. Sustained
  4. Struggle
  5. Sleep

World transition: Attuning

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