The Bottom Line; The Weight of Life


It really doesn’t matter what you were born into or what you got. It really all comes down to what you do with what you got. If you were given everything and don’t do anything with it, you’re at a loss. If you had nothing to begin with but now you have something and you do everything in your power with what you got. This is what matters in this life. A profound bottom line is “Just do it”. It doesn’t matter where your at right now or trivial things like what, why and when you’ve started in the race in life. Keep active and keep pushing no matter what your circumstance, conditions or events your dealing with.

These material things, ideologies and methodologies in life are in fact distractions, they hold you back like a crutch from experiencing life to it’s fullest. The training wheels of religion are in fact designed as a catalyst for growth and development of society. It seems people have not caught on to the idea that God is indeed a good motivational speaker to the heart and gives you direction but the operator is indeed “You”. The ideas that make a foundation of society great is in what we do out the kindness of heart, the wise words in approaching a conflict and the bonds we grow as we develop as a community. I never mentioned money because I feel money should always be a bi-product out of kindness, wisdom and community.

The element of God is ambiguous as you grow up, you never know if he’ll throw a wrench in because you can handle it. He’s got sides to him in life that you don’t want to provoke but at the same time you want to beg for his approval. You want his blessings and the advantage of his benefits but he wants you to act as if he weren’t even there to help. He’s your conscience and your devils advocate sometimes for perspective and sometimes for your knowledge.

I would also like to mention through my personal experience and exploration in understanding; God, Truth and Universe that some times things do not need to be controlled. That the backlash of approaching things with violence and aggression will only breed violence and aggression. In a conflict of religion and ideologies we must use an oversight and understanding of the situation in order to access it in the right manner. Overwhelm it with kindness, frustrate it with true knowledge and bring it to submission with compassion.

We are not at war with 1.6 billion Muslims, this is impossible. And a war with 1.1 billion Christians this makes absolutely no sense. The only way to work through this problem of ideologies is through co-existence, proactive action and proactive repercussions . Through promotion of life and life providing facilities. Be pro-life, pro-active and determined to settle the score with the forces working against you (harness it even) – nature, gravity the weight of life. Giving into fear and paranoia is never the answer. There will be crazies and society (namely police) will take care of it. Stop the fear mongering, justice will follow for those who have wronged. Justice will be there for those who have suffered.

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