Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 31 “About life”: Managing People, confirm and make most of your investments by fostering your progress.

The pillars of life in Tai Lopez words are: health, wealth, happiness and love

On delegating: Shalini and sam waltons over the shoulder.

How to manage people:

Will Darante said:

“Men who manage men are men who manage men who manage things but men who manage money (investors) manage all.”

managing the machines vs. managing people who manage machines. Managing people who manage machines makes less money than managing money who manage people who manage machines.

Skills in managing people who manage money

  1. increase you ability to skills in managing people:

-make allies meet people.

-manage accountant, dates, mechanics, vendors, those who do work for you. Control people in a positive way to get an outcome.


You need an active role.

If you let someone do something to you.

First time shame on them. Second time shame on you.

If you leave something alone without your active role in it for so long a business will be in shambles, a mechanic will take advantage of you. You need knowledge of insight. “You cannot Delegate what you don’t know.”

You need to be a jack of all trades: You need to know the basics about your car. You need a general idea about everything.

2. Do things important and integral to your life.

3. No one ever has your interest at heart as much as you do.

The doctor may be concerned about you but only you know what will be in your true interest.

Don’t allow for 100,000 dollar lessons to happen. Don’t trust a person with their top of the head estimates and give you 6 developers that need 10 grand salaries. Don’t do a over the “shoulder style” approach. You don’t want to micromanage but trust and confirm. Don’t be average. You want to be above average. You want to rise above the masses.

Don’t be proud be willing to learn. Accumulate knowledge don’t show off being an expert pretend to know nothing but be in truth an expert.

Automated income, inject more energy by overseeing what you build more people you can trust and competent people. Foster the environment but do not micromanage because this will make a crutch for them. Don’t double check too much it builds accountability – but confirm and oversee their work.

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