Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 32 “About life”: The slot machine of probability.

health, wealth, love and happiness.

chasing a mirage and stepping out of the illusion.

Going to hit the moon, need that precision. Did we hit the moon?

Philosophy; maybe something wrong with our core convictions. So many people have false convictions and it’s worse than lies.

Hitler thought he was doing god’s work because of an incident with a British soldier letting him go in WW1. This was the type of conviction you want to stay away from.

Warren Buffet throw out unfounded convictions every now and then.

If we’re great it’s because we’re sitting on giant’s shoulder.

Introducing a new philosophy: Most of us are following the mirage. The way life plays out people need to know things. Religion or convictions. American history was a god given right to have slavery. Judges thought white and black were not equal. Woman were not equal to men.

Try living a week without less convictions and more observation. Stop being so black and white let convictions go. You’re never going to quite know. Leave  few uncertainties and accept them. Move towards the slot machine probability.

Left slot machine and right slot machine.

Left slot machine you win ever 10 times. Right slot machine you win every 25 times.

You want the left slot machine.

Some times you get lucky and the wrong slot machine will give you a win and you have the conviction that the wrong slot machine is the winning machine. You can’t use that one situation to affirm your convictions.

You go with the numbers and the higher probability and for stability.

Mirages in deserts are dangerous, people get caught in it and lost and die in it. Just like life.

Plato gave a quote “life is like being in a cave, in this cave you have people but shadows of people. You need to come out of the cave to see clearly in a new light to see them in their true form.”

We’re like little kids; mom rewards you in life but in real life people won’t reward you. You won’t get that pat on the back every time you do something right. Building skill, people are going to be interested in you. Building yourself up to success is a good “slot machine” to invest in. Don’t expect to win every time.

If you can walk with kings and not lose your common touch. If you can risk all you have and have to start from scratch and do it. And if you can stick with the plan doing the most probable yours is the earth and everything in it.

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