Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 34 “About life”: Suffering the 10-15 Bill Gates Dark years

Imagination: You want something that appeals to the 5 senses. sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste. In advertising you need to work towards the 5 senses.

What you need to be different from the crowd. Alot of stimulus, out of that stimulus are messages. Ideas are imposed on you, for example clothing you wear influenced by what you saw in the media. You need to be different by investing your time and effort in what they call the dark years.

Bill gates at 12 started building computers. From 20-30 is unheard of, he locked himself in an office and never took off days to build his company. The 10 dark years

Aristotle taught Alexander the Great to learn how to live. You are not equiped to learn how to live parents aren’t taught to teach their kids to live.

Michael Jordan a basketball player, when he was in UNC no one expected him to become the most famous basketball player. 10-15 years of commitment in order to bring about his glory days.

The Amish “A fence that is built fast, falls down fast. Building a fence slow and steady makes a good fence.”

Friendships cultivated through the 10 dark years can be rekindled and used to build strong bonds.

Key to a good marriage: good business and investor partners and good marriages is the same. Low expectation. You may feel discomfort and alittle pain but they last based on the mutual understanding that everything isn’t perfect.

High life long expectations. Having a child and having to take care of him as he grows up and investing him him pays off in the end when he is able to take care of you when you’re in your senior years.

Unrestricted growth is equal to cancer. You don’t want to boom and bust. Stories about fame and losing it all shortly after.

Realistic time frame. Restrict how much tv or youtube. Look at autobiographies and read stories about them.

Social media bombards us with stories of success, never the 15 dark ages. Everyone wants to see the rewards, the harvest and gains it makes for good television. We need a reality check, everything takes work and time to succeed. Suffer and fight those 10-15 years and you will prosper.

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