A message; Stranger than Dreams.


“He took the key

Along the river.

Over the hill.

Underneath the grave.

King of kings,

He conquered death.

The keys to heaven on earth.

He who has earned the fate of man.

It is complete.”

-A dream


I just recently finished reading this really interesting e-book. Angel Dreams and it was very surreal. It brought me to remember a poem i had in a dream, where it came from I do not know. Though it was very important to me so i wrote it in a journal a long time ago. I remember it – best i can for this post, but i don’t know where the original piece of writing went.

I didn’t have any religious ties to any church until I was much older. So growing up and having this poem in my head is very cryptic. I know this means something to someone out there. Maybe a message from the future.. or past.. or just my imagination but it’s part of my identity so i’ll leave it here.

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