Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 35 “About life”: ignore 99 people and the 1/10th rule

ignoring the 99 people rule. And the 1/10th rule.

Ignore 99 people and listen to 1 person. Not suggesting to only mentor one person. Why are we democratizing your brain, Elitest in your brain is a positive thing – own your domain. Killing is a negative connotation unless it is to defend and save your life. Be picky.

1/10th rule. You will only profit 10% of the person you mentor and emulate. You will not perfectly achieve 100% what your mentors have. Look for the best mentors, go to the top. Mass media is a positive thing too. Mass messages help in effectiveness and efficiency. Clarity is key. Steven Hawking understands nature (read up on him)***

Be picky who you choose as a mentor.

  1. Better at controlling the sources that come in. (Friends aren’t for purpose, loyalty to friends.)
  2. Cut people who gossip out.
  3. Enemies who are good/average, you want an amazing life. Need to cut them out.
  4. Family you will have to settle for.
  5. sources of information. magazines, media, books and television.
  6. Does not need to be perfection but it needs to be progressive.

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