The Meaning; Origins of life and sin. The purpose of life.


The thing that made me most excited for was the Holy trinity unraveling

I finally understood the significance of Adam and the apple his fall and his trade for knowledge of good and evil.

Everything is part of the collective system.

I will elaborate on it.

So we all know about Adam and Eve.

yes about the apple, the serpent, the tree

What they don’t tell you is that if god was all knowing why did he tell Adam that “Adam of the Tree of Knowledge you will not eat of” but he did NOT say “Adam at 6:15 this evening a snake will approach you and trick your wife while you stand around right beside her and she will pick the fruit and give you a portion. You will be kicked out of Eden and fall from grace for ever and ever punished for your initial sins of man.

The Alibi is that God trusted Adam enough and knew he was self-sustaining. He also knew of the snake and I believe the snake was part of the plan to get Adam to fall from grace because he is the creation of God. God wanted to experience life and adventure so he created Adam.

The holy trinity is an aspect not talked about alot and has never developed in this world as a religion in itself. Explaining to the world the Holy Trinity is what we were here to explain. We are the key to seeing this.

The fall from grace was simply knowing right from wrong. And just as god now we know, as we have partaken of this fruit through understanding the state of suffering and pain. The meaning of life is close at hand.

Friend: i have read the bible but I cannot exactly tell the purpose of life from a biblical point of view

There’s really only 3 important aspects. The initial sin which is Adam who par-takes of the fruit of knowledge to become just like god — to know good and evils of the world. There was Moses who gave the 10 commandments. There was Jesus who taught of the atonement and his sacrifice so that we can have a merciful, functional and spiritually conscious society. All prepping for this Promised Land we are given.

Curiosity, journey and finding meaning in life is really important. I find that your identity is the causation of many things that happen in your life, through circumstance, condition and events but at the same time the purpose of life of expressing your true self is most important. Experience is a valuable thing.. it’s the only thing that makes this trip of life worth while.

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