Temptations and the Divine.


Where the light goes, the dark is soon to follow. I think i may have triggered, what they call the dark night of the soul. These are the listed temptations of the greatest Prophets and their trials during that period.


Do you know of how Christ and how the devil tempted Christ in the desert? There were a sequence of three things that happened to Christ in this event. As he wandered the desert driven there by the Holy Spirit. Jesus remained in the desert for forty days fasting without eating. Living among wild life and angels ministering to him. The Devil’s objective was to sever the relationship of Son and Holy Father (God) by change through compromising his filial attitude towards God. He is tempted three times, first is to make bread out of stones to relieve his own hunger. The second was to use the angels through intervention to break his fall. Thirdly the final temptation was to worship the devil in return for all the kingdoms of the world for the duration of his mortal life.


For buddha it was a different temptation: The story goes, a demon woman Mara saw that Buddha was on the path to enlightenment and she didn’t want that to happen so she sent her three daughters to seduce Buddha. Mara’s three daughters are identified as Taṇhā (Craving), Arati (Aversion/Discontentment), and Raga (Attachment/Desire/Greed/Passion). It is what will prevent him from acquiring the state of enlightenment that allows him into Nirvana.

Muhammad: (long because of so many misconceptions).

Muhammad who is head representative of the Koran before Muhammad’s ministry went public in Mecca he nearly committed suicide multiple times. Muhammad believed he was a madman or a poet when he was reciting strange verses that is now known as the verses for his Koran. He told his wife this and his wife told her cousin Waraqa (A christian scholar) who in turn reconciled him in the verses of Moses receiving revelations from Gabriel. Gabriel does physically mistreat Muhammad to the point of suicidal confusion. There were more suicidal thoughts later when Gabriel left Muhammad dry on spiritual thoughts and revelations for a period. He would climb high mountain crags thinking of throwing himself off but every time he got to the top. Gabriel would appear and tell him to stop. Muhammad was quite disturbed and unstable, but he was still a prophet. He accepted the idea of polytheists for Meccans acceptance and acknowledgement. Gabriel came to Muhammad again and abrogating and canceling “Satan-inspired” verses.

Satan inspired verses happened through emotional; doubt, fear, anger and selfish human desires. There is a made up concept that all Prophets are perfect and sinless vessels of God. I do not believe Christ was perfect in every manner but maybe in his purpose which he has fulfilled he is perfect. And i believe Muhammad was perfect for his time frame for being the vessel to serve his purpose for his time. Muhammad was getting inspirations from a being other than God, incorporated fictional ideas into the Koran and inspired by terrible human sources, it is mostly a combination of all three.

The Jinn who are higher functional spirits are good or bad through variety have influenced the Koran and are believed to be able to listen into Human conversation. Jesus however when he came underwent a special temptation and had ministry over all spirits including evil ones and Satan. Jesus rebuked him decisively.

There was a Jewish Magician who caused Muhammad some problems for a time hindering his spiritual authority for a few years through which Muhammad was “said” to had to withdraw and recover for this duration of time over his attacks which he called “Satanic”. There were controversial things during this time such as when rude Muslim offenders were called “Satan” (Bukhari, Creation no. 3274).

Solomon was said to have great power over the Jinn (Suras 21:82, 34:12, and 36:37-38) through his rumored ring of Solomon. Muhammad is indeed more powerful spiritually among all the prophets. He just didn’t have the power to differentiate and distinguish the voices of Satan, the Jinn and bad human sources.


As of late- from my personal world of exploration, i’m experiencing an influx of negative dom and sub genre system of the sexual fantasy. In the most harmless of it’s form, mostly of the story telling and virtual reality spectrum. My dark period is in this 50 shades garbage and I have no understanding of it’s appeal. But i understand that my work comes hand in hand with it. Without the dark in my work there is no contrast to show it’s light. I just need to find the binary or the transcending factor that protrudes this planar equation. I  believe the darkness of the corruption i’m experiencing is saying that deep inside I am a submissive slave but the light says I’m more and do not want part in this karma exchange only to balance it, extinguish it and accept it.

I hope adults/young adults learn about this stuff in a safe environment in the future. This study drained me spiritually because technology made this stuff so dangerously addictive.


Religion Polarity Attire Complex


Positive Polarity

Dark, Medium and Light.

Muhammad, Buddha and Christ.

Koran, Buddhism and Christianity

Moon, Earth and Sun.


Polarity Balanced

Dark, Medium and Light.

Practice, Ideology and Humanism

Prayer, Method and Giving

Honor, Humility and Empathy


Negative Polarity

Dark, Medium and Light.

Submissive, Unashamed and Dominant.

Oppressed, Casual Norm and Radiant.

Martyrdom, Redemption and Glorification.


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