Chart of All Human Knowledge


Chart of Kabbalah

This is the chart of a very general spectrum of everything in the universe. These are the parallels and alignments to all systems in this existing world.

I created a ascended binary for those who wanted to know what they were. To transcend all information and see what is most important in the creation of the universe.


In the physical world, The Body of life in this category is found to be God, Universe and Truth. But only find Einsof at the end of it all.

The  next medium of the physical world is that the spectrum of life is Eternal, Infinite and Nothingness. But only find Manifest at the end of it all.

The final medium of the physical world is that the worlds are of Action, Formation and Creation. But only find Emanations at the end of it all.

In the mental world, Names (the source of identity) is that the worlds are of 72 names of God, Constellations and Zodiac. But only find Gematria at the end of it all.

The next medium of the mental world is that the Substance of life is Holy Trinity, Elements and Deva. But only find Spiritual Properties at the end of it all.

The final medium of the mental world is that the worlds are of Constitution is of Trinity Cores, Transitions and Hourglass. But only find The Virtual Reality Model of the Universe at the end.

In the spiritual world, Realms is that the worlds are of Heaven, Hell and Earth. But only find Nirvana at the end of it all.

The next medium of the spiritual world is that the natures of these realms are Dominant, Submissive and Unashamed. But only find being Unattached is at the end of it all.

The final medium of the spiritual world is that the worlds that brings Joy is of Glorification, Martyrdom and Redemption. But only find Existence of Being most essential at the end of it all.


This is a major chart: a 27 sided star with 9 ascended properties. The biggest I’ve done yet. This one is one of my favorites because it contains things I’ve not understood yet in this life completely. The mystery of it gives it a very exciting tone.

There’s still much left to do, a need for completing the multi-dimensional tree is needed. And i need to learn scripting and programming so i can make my media more accessible and easier to understand. I want some dynamics to my models and paradigms. The static models of mine are not enough.


7 thoughts on “Chart of All Human Knowledge

      • From whatsoever truth-seeking expeditions I have undertaken, I find it involves the heart and soul, and I have never been the same after. I, hence, think you are likely not the same from the expedition. If I liken a person to an ocean, this thinking/exploring has likely gotten you into deeper waters – a richer experience of being and living, perhaps.

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      • You seem to be quite an old soul, if you know what I mean. I sometimes feel like a tapestry spread through time and space, some of the patterns of which I do not know the origins of, only that I have, lets say, peculiar traits that does not find explanation from my current timeframe of a life. It has been interesting being aware of them and I am at peace about not finding answers to them from my immediate environment or conditioning through life sometimes. So ‘sewing myself back’ makes sense. I have been thinking about making a ‘soul collage’ through my various traits and possibly en route find patterns I have missed and would thereby fill some missing pieces of the puzzle that is me. (For some reason, putting my mostly thinking-in-my-head attitude to thinking-on-paper shift is yet to come about, but typing words seems to be a way to make the shift from thoughtosphere to actionosphere). Glad to be thinking things through while conversing with you. Guess I am making progess also because there is an exchange of thought waves of similar frequency.

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  1. I agree with this. I have had very strange memories sitting in the back of my head, only to be expressed on paper or blog posted here – alot of tragedy, but alot of ones about hope and happiness too. I feel in another life i may have been i don’t know if i should say it, but a certain historical person but apparently he turned to be some fresh looking dude with the nicest softest brown hair smiling white hippy with a jaw line that can cut steak and an awesome 5 ‘o clock shadow (which i’m really envious of) lol.

    An old soul is a correct word, because i feel atleast 500 years old sometimes i don’t even know if i’m from this dimension. I like to believe i’m a multiverse being, a traveler.. sometimes i make believe that i crash landed here and can’t get back home and it makes me feel less lost and less damaged.
    I share this idea of being an old tapestry, still trying to learn how to express myself better with the tools i’m given.

    This is funny, I agree that speaking your mind through this frequency can be awkward sometimes but ones you get use to it, it can be a lot of fun.


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