Monad Atoms, Animal Spirits and A Spiritual Colossal Boar


Notes and discussion on Monad atoms and spiritual creatures.

Monads: There is a system of Monads 7:7 makes a complete Monad.

Molecular and Aspect of Self

The essence of primordial matter: Bose-Eintein Particle. Is Below the first plane of atoms.
1:1,1:2,1:3. These correlate to the states of Solid liquid and Gas respectively.
1:4,1:5,1:6,1:7 These are Etheric. Part of the subatomic particle and dark matter.

protons: 2 units
quarks: 6 units
undetermined: 18 units

1:4 molecules are baryons.
large 1:5 are unstable mesons.
small 1:5 and 1:6 molecules are quarks.
1:7 atoms (1-atoms) are preons.

The Mineral Kingdom, The plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and The Human kingdom.
Of all the kings we had the most unique ability having the causal body within us.


Studying of the legendary 4 Spirits;

Protector, Mastermind, Architect and Healer. I was identified as a Healer Spirit.

The Protectors; Those who mastery lie in strength and honor. Virtuous beings who guard those they love.

Mastermind; Those to contemplate and manipulate situations to turn the tides or work to exploit a weakness no one would think to. Conjuring ideas and thoughts allowing the flow of creativity to create a template for easy manifest.

Architects: Those who build and design the constructs and vehicles that allow people to cross gaps and places people cannot reach without bridges. He who builds to sustain the living condition that we have, who house the people.

Healers: Those who give nurturing and loving guidance to the young and lost. The healing spirit that paves a  way for men and lead them to safety and victory.


Native Americans believe that animals had a certain built spirit inside of them.
Respect: Buffalo
Love: Eagle
Courage: Bear
Honesty: Bigfoot
Wisdom: Beaver
Humility: Wolf
Truth: Turtle

I had a dream of a very strange boar: ( 3:7, 4:7, 5:7 realm?)

The Boar: Symbol of Courage and Fearlessness
The dream of a wild boar indicates success and protection in troubled times. It is also a symbol of personal honor. Some ancient cultures associated the boar with healing as well. This association arises from the boar’s ability to fearlessly face unknown dangers
death, demons that devour humans and danger.

In the dream, I believe it to be the rendition of the second triad the spiritual world. I was recycling and reusing all i could get. Brushing and beating down the deathless resounding echoes of apparitions and manifests of dust and matter that no long can sustain their state. Cleaning it to make way for children to play. I was a healing presence, a nurturing spirit. In my dream i ran into a Gigantic Black Boar of some kind with dense fur of metallic bristles – he was a beast of the “etheric” world of the sub-atomic, dark energy and dark matter 2nd triad plane. He was a revered beast and he is a protective spirit. The boar was a sacred animal with links to demonic elements. as traditionally sacred animals, can take away evil and purify it. At the same time, they are creatures of the underworld themselves and are receptive to evil. He was in the way of my cleansing session i was having.

He had a resonance of a devouring and shaking disturbance. In the Tales of Hermes, these people were faced with omen of destruction and afterlife. They had a heavy loss against a Colossal Boar. Stopped only by the Bronze Arrow representing the Bronze Age. In order to overcome this new obstacle to reach our new age we must over come this idea of brutish, juvenile, reckless and destructive behavior. To understand Religion better, to brave Science and to comprehend the Spiritual. Malekulans in Melanesia, where boars are sacrificed at Megalithic shrines as a payment enabling one to enter the Otherworld at death. The association of pigs, and especially boars, with the underworld, night, and death is almost universal. He is an omen of facing great hardship and opening the doors to the next gate.

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