Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 39 “About life”: Messy Message and that 18% Niche.

Alienating the 82% with your messy message. proper use of the niche.
hypnotized by supposed options at our disposal.
It appears this way but we don’t actually have all those options.
Known for this one thing. 18% in anything you do.. if you can have 18% of people you have to engaged in your ideas. You will succeed. Find a small niche. microsoft becomes a 100 billion dollar company. This company allowed him to build the focus and skill.. To take charge of the whole market in the end. understanding that you have 18% that visit your website and want to hear more from you. Think globally act locally. Act on a niche go into the market with global interests.
Most business (tech) they do good at the beginning. start off with biased people but now you have to cross the chasm to sell to people who don’t know you. attacking for the 18%. Find 18% with who you get along with and good with. Don’t try to please the crowd. Scary to cross ideas off the list.. but it’s necessary. Stick to what your good at and have invested time into and are interested in.
after the 18% you get to a point where you dont’ have to worry about it and find a niche you want to pursue. Whats the story of your life. What was the mess of your message.
shy away from your dreams is a terrible thing. So act on fantasy and fiction at the level of a prelude. The next thought is that it’s positive. They don’t fall, they follow through to the idea that they have an inevitable success.
Pick one with the messy message. don’t think about the 82% that are just a mirage. Be the messy message about your life.

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