The book is published. =)

I’m not sure it’s ready yet.. but i just published it on blurb. I was going to sit down to proof read it but i was like.. I’m making a book! oh.. lol didn’t put in Author info. LMAO. made by anonymous. =) Oh well. Oh warning. Don’t order yet.. there’s no page numbers! Unless you like losing your page, i wouldn’t suggest getting the book just yet.


Apologies again. The book will be available on February 7-10th most likely if you want to pick it up. It’s a comprehensive 340 page study of the synthesis on dream, life, light and self-made heroes. Or the core meaning of love. (Home of Universal Paradigms, Virtuous Practice, Multi-dimensional Diagrams and Esoteric Knowledge).

The digital copy will come about the same time.



9 thoughts on “The book is published. =)

  1. Congratulations, Nam!! What a stunning cover design.
    I can’t pretend to understand all of your integration information (or even most of it) but I can feel that it is good and important.
    I hope it generates lots of interest.
    Jan 🙂

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    • I would love to explain it to you. A triad is composed of 3 parts, and often in the monad system they try to group up as 3. I have noticed this.. and implemented it into my system. The system consists of 3 parts usually. I call them Entropy, Order and Identity and alternatively Alpha, Omega and Crossway and Core, Transition and Hourglass. They aren’t the same thing but they are the basis of a design that mimics and projects the image of a 3 dimensional virtual reality world. The graphs progressive work towards ascended properties to three levels. first level is right of the chart. (magenta) 2nd level is bottom and 3rd level is bottom right of graph a place i call the protruding plane binary. Which goes into a space of the veil or unknown. It’s truly easier to explain doing the graph then to explain it with words.

      The work that i do is basically paradigm work.. making models conceptually in a star, sphere and prototype format. Made out of sides and ascended values. It’s a basis mapping for a depth of dimension and a spectrum pin point plotting for space and time. It really is a bizarre way of thinking. It’s also very opinion based because it’s just a model or paradigm. So it’s a matter of perspective as how you see it. I just wanted to show you best i can what this book is really about. It’s otherworldly but if you commit and try to comprehend it, you see a much clearer picture of what the universe is about. From a much more surreal perspective and spiritually touched world i should say.

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      • That’s so kind of you to write me this explanation. There are many concepts there I just don’t grasp, because I’ve never encountered that way of thinking. Other parts, though, I do get, and I start to grasp meaning that takes me to very exciting new ideas.

        I took a look at the preview on the Blurb site. The presentation looks stunning and some of the graphics are just so beautiful. The whole thing is hugely exciting.

        Is the book only available through Blurb? I wonder if they ship to the UK (although I dread to think what the postage would cost, if it’s that big!)

        Fantastic achievement, though, and whether or not I understand it doesn’t matter in the least, because there will be others who do. So proud of you!

        Jan x


      • Thank you Jan. I wish i could get the digital copy to work. it won’t let me upload for some reason. I have no clue as to why.. so no electronic copy as of this moment. Yes i sure hope people will be able to take it in and digest it.

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  2. Yay! You did it! The first time I read the purpose of your blogs, I was like ‘this blogging has a purpose, it is not just to write random thoughts’ and that really got me thinking about my purposes of doing a lot of what I previous thought to be ‘making things happen’ activities sans ‘each activity leads up to this’ thinking. And now you published the book, which I suppose is the first of the lot. Hearty Congratulations!

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    • Thanks alot! You especially have been very encouraging with your words and thoughts. So thank you for being so nice and inspiring. I’m glad we have like minds to share ideas. It wouldn’t be the same without friends.

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      • Same here. Your contributions of thought have been progressing me too, though my goal is not to write a book yet. I am though drafting my content onto my website..and editing and reediting and often going through action-paralysis petrified that I may write the wrong thing or my semantic aphasia could cause problems I never intended in the first place. Don’t want a Hiroshima/Nagasaki that happened to Einstein happen to me, if you know what I mean. But it certainly is action time for me (not nearly as much as I should be getting to but the engine is one and purring), and our convos over posts have definitely been a great instigator to get me going. Thank you. 🙂

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      • Oh I figured i proof read it it enough times.. It’s a blog so i figured it’s going to be laid back. My editing was very limited, I think the errors make it more genuine then carefully construed and politically correct version of the book would take away meaning from what i do. I know i caught some little details in the book that may catch up and bite me if you may find some but yes for the most part I just let it spin with little editing. You can catch me saying things like this is insane, or this is garbage.. or other opinionated stances that make me sometimes question my authority. I know i didn’t say anything extreme or strong because that was my intention. So keep it mild and sincere and light-hearted, informative and kind. I’m ready for any trolls anyways.. Because i know for a fact i don’t say anything i truly don’t mean. Unless you misinterpret what i say theres no way you’ll dig up any stank on me. btw. I didn’t post anything but there’s a page with a new paradigm about self i wanted to share with you. I haven’t written any content for these charts yet because they are freshly new but i wanted to show you it. I didn’t put these paradigms into the book because.. well there’s already too much in the book already. But these charts are super important to my studies too. It’s the spectrum of self through Deva, Nirmanakayas and ex-humans. I delve into the deep end and found some really interesting things about them but i didn’t release it do you think i should add these charts to the new book or no?


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