Chart of Self Discovery

The self

The self is a interesting concept and it often creates an illusion of self even though self is necessary in order establish who a person is on the Earth. We call this entity the persona. As we continue to progress I find that a lot of groups try to avoid Persona altogether and to completely abandon what they are building. This is a good way to explore your roots but not a good way to be in society that requires certain things of you like paying your rent, basic values and standards of morality and disciplines at work.

Elaboration of Self Discovery Chart:

First off the form Authenticity has the dependencies of values and requires a person to be Genuine.

Second, the form Transformation has the dependencies of conductive code and requires a person to be progressive.

Thirdly, the form Persona has the dependencies of Ego and requires a person to seek acceptance.

Lastly, the ascendant form of Selfless has the dependencies of Virtuous Rules and requires a person to seek Constructivity.

Interpretations of these elaborations:

The first form Authenticity of values and needing genuineness. Means that to be Authentic you require values that like a child inside begs of you to express. Small nagging things like did you forget your wallet to “Oh! you need to go on that ride”. This is the inner child that speaks and as you develop more as a human being the development becomes a consciousness that invokes ideas of donating to the poor or helping human small causes like finding safety for that homeless child wandering the streets. 

The second form Transformation of codes and needing progress. Means that to be a form of transformation you require codes that changes your perspective in life and forces you to grow and become more than what you currently are. Progress is idea that is imprinted in the mind of a transformation being. Always wanting to become more. Ideas that bring you to become more human and stronger as a person such as the development of consciousness and helping others and following causal nagging of the spiritual self.

The third form Persona of ego and needing Acceptance. Means that to be a form of Persona you are required to feed your ego which establishes your identity and helps you explore you personal self. Persona is said to come with the shadow of personal cravings and the double face of vices but it is still a necessary component to exploring who you are. Acceptance of who you are and what you like to do is part of the living experiment of life. The truths you find throughout your life and the ultimate one being the realization of who you are at the end of your life is a necessary component to your acceptance. Acceptance from your peers is also a necessary component to finding out if you are progressing or not and critical feedback from them is also necessary to finding out if your on the right track.

Finally the form of Selfless unconditional love of virtuous rules and Constructivity. Means that to be a form of Selflessness you are required to integrate virtuous rules which establishes what you want to see in life and who you truly are. Selflessness is the idea that you become unattached but aware conscious of all the things around you, committing to time, patience and mindfulness of your situation in life and all that comes to you. Never completely indulging to an extreme but always being mindful through moderation and balance of how much you should indulge. The Selfless form is always looking to be constructive in the world and seek to build bridges and construct structure and integrating positive loving vibes to a person, place or thing. In life he is the teacher, engineer and architect to a certain degree. He has learned of all these worlds and wishes to implement them in all that he does.

In conclusion:

There are varieties of self and different degrees of them but there are only 4 forms that are possible. The fourth is the combination of all three. The most balanced and least understood/pursued state of them all. It is ideal to press towards the 4th form in order for ascendant values towards a constructive life to begin. I am aware of the varieties of spirits out there namely tricksters and animal totems. These things are trivial and lead to matter of expression rather than the ultimate cause which is to a higher purpose and reason for life. The answer “Is that how it is” is the answer to expression and human incompetence and emotional attachment. The light is the answer in the end. The light exist as the binary of ascended values and the 4th column will always contain the ultimate, the beginnings of human and identity progression to collective human kind and the self.

4 thoughts on “Chart of Self Discovery

  1. Wow! what a writeup! Liked most the lucidity in thinking that came through as words. You just put in words that I have been thinking and sort of reading about in Michael Beckwith’s 4 states of consciousness evolution, but your writeup is soo much more ‘doable’ kind of accessible, if you know what I mean.

    I am bothered by this one sentence though “The light exist as the binary of ascended values and the 4th column will always be ultimate progress to collective human kind and the self.” ‘Ultimate’ bothers me. The 4th state, in my estimate is a state to begin from, not the ultimate. In the sense that I think a human being would have come into existence only at the 4th state, until then he/she is called a human being but is actually in an intermediate state that leads up to being a human being. The purpose for a person coming into existence would be ‘realized’ or ‘actualized’ only after the person comes to the 4th state after which he/she becomes the ‘machine’ (or instrument) to bring into existence that which inspired that life of the person to come into existence (you know, the bit about each life being a baby consciousness of the mother of all Consciousness). I hope with your healthy bubbly broth from which you think, you would be able to understand what I attempt to say (I am now working on semantic aphasia, with expressive aphasia being a bit better). If not, we chat. 🙂


    • It is the beginning and the end. Alpha and Omega. Start and Ultimate. I agree with you.. The forth state i should rephrase as the beginning and ultimate human state where we start integrating what it is to be the self of ascended binary values. Thank you for the feedback. if it bothers you it might bother other people too. =) i will correct it. I think what you are trying to get at his the conscious and spiritual world where we are no longer human but more spirits and God/deity format.


      • Actually, I meant we would then be human, meaning (and here I am repeating myself from my immediately previous reply) most of us are presently ‘called human being’ but are mostly homo sapiens (meaning of the species to which Neandrathals were one..and that several of us belong to the species homo sapiens) but that human beings in the true sense are yet to come into existence…rather more like the word ‘human being’ would actually come into existence when we get to the 4th state. Pls respond to this as well so I would know if you understood or not (still working on semantic aphasia)


  2. So your saying from neanderthals and homosapians (which we currently are) only when we hit the 4th state of conscious living that we become human beings? I guess that makes sense.. though – the human brain hasn’t changed in development and structure.. it’s just become a bit more refined from civilization, domestication and exposure. I guess physically the human body has changed over time from slumped back cave men to straight back tall and upright humans.. I think you might be on to something by calling out the stages of development in humans. Also “meaning of the species to which Neanderthals were one” did you mean that that neanderthals are a species of homo-sapian? I think we should make a hierarchy of human change and stick it into the book before i publish it for real. =) Hominid primates, homo habilis, homo erectus, homo neanderthalensis, Homo Sapien and I’m reading on this thing called Nativus Conjunctus beings who are able to manipulate the dimension of time. I’ll update in a sec.


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