Visiting Dementia Mind’s Dreams


I had a dream where I was able to visit people with dementia’s dreams. I could tell that these people weren’t well but had good intention in them still. They were lost and angry and  in the dream I had form.. and I could participate and they could hear me. They told me I was a person  who could hear the cries of dementia victims. I was first startled to be associated with dementia but then realized they’re just lost people with damaged brains. As i continued the dream they told me that me visiting their dreams was some kind of gift and they thanked me at the end of the dream for the healing experience. I wake  up and realize that there are people who are trapped in bodies that are no longer functional and are no longer capable of seeing truth. I will be praying for them and hoping they are well. I don’t know if I actually have the gift, but would it be selfish of me to avoid contact and disassociate myself with these forms? I do care for them, but i’m in no condition to expose myself to their way of thinking. What bothers me is that he said it was a gift for them and to not use this gift with an open heart would be really sad. I guess if it’s a part of me then i will accept it with grace and endure and try to enjoy the experience best i can. What is being human without the sacrifice.

2 thoughts on “Visiting Dementia Mind’s Dreams

  1. My mother had dementia. She used to talk to all kinds of people in her dreams. She’d even talk to my dad (who had been dead for years) and he’d tell her stuff my brother and I had been doing – things she couldn’t have known about any other way!
    I always viewed her dementia as a way of moving out of space and time while she was still in her body, so she could revisit bits of her life and process them properly. She’d always been one to hide her true feelings and put on a mask.
    I don’t know if I was right, but listening to the things she said, that’s what seemed to be happening. I think their dreams are all they have, after a while.


    • Oh sorry to hear about your mother =(. Dementia is not fun. Ye it was really profound what i felt when i went to that world. I wasn’t scared but more.. uneasy and disturbed a little. I think this is true though about dementia patients.. maybe dreams are all they have left.
      The book came in the mail today. Every article was like– oh ho ho- i wonder if i should have left this controversial part out. I wonder how many people with Christian, Muslim or Jewish background will be reading. Because i was so critical of them. I hope they can all take a punch or two to the stomach.. because i was very forward with the truth i saw in the situation. I can’t wait to hear the part where even though i’ve meticulously designed the book to provoke emotions i wonder if they’ll think i’m going to get comments of insensitivity. I hope they enjoy the ride, because sometimes truth hurts lol.

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