Islam is actuality of Terrestrial Nature, Allah is of Moon’s Radiance. Reader’s Acknowledgement


As you know my blog part of the book is just a story telling breadcrumb record to my paradigms.

There is an interesting issue i would like to discuss.. It is known that god (The human collective) made another form of himself in order to satisfy the common man’s lifestyle. This is the description of the origins of the Islamic Muslims. Where they were once praying for the same God of the Jews and Christians soon they became known to praise Allah. Which was known to have been forced on them historically.

Accurately, it originates from the phrase alahaya’lahu-uluhatanilahatan-ilahiyyatan which means ‘abada-‘ibadatan – to worship and worshipping. From this scale (wazan) comes the word ilah which means ma’luh which is “to be worshipped” (ma’bud). Based on this opinion, Ibn ‘Abbas r.a. had once said: “Allah has the (attribute) of Godliness (al-ilahiyyah) and submission (al-‘ubudiyah) on all of His creations”.

As told from ( There you have it, to be submissive to godliness. It is a sensitive topic that Islam tends not to speak of but the God they are submissive to is of Godliness but not of God himself in full radiance. This form is of the Terrestrial (Moon). And YHVH, Asher Ehyeh Asher and Elohim Are of the Universal. Christ is the name of the (Celestial) Sun. And All other deities and names of other gods are Telestial(stars). No other forces in the Universe are as benevolent as these four. And they should be respected for their own purposes because they are important in the universe of spirit and forces of nature. There is a quote in the Koran that says that the truth cannot be comprehended therefore there is a path made for those who cannot comprehend the truth. The worlds are worlds of Celestial, Terrestrial and Telestial. And they are also spectrum of our benevolent God.

Lets call religion a strange hat club. If you’re not a part of the said “strange hats” group, sometimes this message may not be true that “Muslims are not racist having many forms of people involved” but they may impose conversion.. They are discriminant in that they simply can’t ignore a woman without a hibjab. And what about the oppressed women and the hierachy that segregates the women from the men? I think the idea is good if you can promote such a thing in the west about the practice of praying, mindfulness and peaceful way of living.. but in the east it hasn’t shown to be a very kind idea to atheists, apostates, gentiles and women. The religion is mostly looking out for the religious majority whereas the minorities have no choice but to convert or move away. Women without a hibjab are ridiculed, exposed to dangerous behavior and discrimination how does one even explain this?

Do not believe that I am truly attacking any person’s religion. I am equally critical of myself as i am of Christianity, Muslims, and the Jewish. Do not think of my book as a God praising bandwagon. It is a critical book of our humanity. It has to be read to the last word in order to comprehend what the message truly is. My message is simply do not condemn one another based on who they are. They are human. This book is also in a primordial form called a blog, i should not be condemned for having thoughts. I found that expressing yourself in the purest form is most necessary to portray an idea so there was little editing. This was really a record to the building of paradigms. I would probably anger sensitive people and ones that thrive on emotions in the “deconstruction” process but If everyone read the book to the end and understood the message then we would be in very good shape. It’s a healing process – I am a scabbing process, and i may look undesirable but when the healing is done you will see that what I do is good.

Read this book with an open mind and do not think radically or with extreme intent to debunk or hate. This is not the book for you if that is what you desire. This is the book of truths, a record and you may take what you want from it but be warned that the truth is not always pretty coming into being and that “beauty is in the beholder”. The eyes that see these things have to have good taste and eloquent feel for ideas. You must have the desire to build good and you must desire to be better. There is much dependence on Faith in the human kind in order to see the right. I’m an expression of selfless unconditional love.. but i am also angry at everyone equally. But the anger has subsided as i saw the truth and it all made sense in the end. So will the same will be done on you if you decide to take this path. Think critically, curiously and have fun most importantly.

This is my message to readers.

Curiosity and Prosperity,


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