Progression Entities of the Cycle of Life; We are living the Great Divide


Light in my palm

The Beginning.

All life emerges, life is fruitful, yield is good.. life multiplies. Ideas flourish and wonder and curiosity thrive. We are becoming more articulate, wiser, gaining more formidable ground.

The End.

Things are mastered, comprehended and men are exalted. Heights of accomplishments at this time act as catalysts to human kind and bring a new order to the entropy of the world. The identity of men are refined, solidified and conceptualized.

The Great Divide.

Things that once were, things that are and that will be are determined by the actions of men, their emotional/causal and intentional being. It will be decided who is in the right and wrong of life.. This will be a time of conflict and those who go with and work for the system will become the system. Those who work against and for freedom will find a different path in ascendance out of the system. The shackles of men were never meant to exist.. they just are until we come to the realization that we are more then the skin suits we live in and seek higher purpose in our consciousness. The frequency that we seek is found within selfless unconditional love.

Ascendant Behavior

The threshold is a rule made by the system to process us and dwarf our potential. It is the system threshold that holds us back and rules are meant to be broken of course. As we reach higher development the ascendant protruding plane brings the impending breaking of the threshold, the breaking of the threshold and finally breaks the illusion coming to the stage of World Breaker. This illusion of ego and persona is not our potential. We can survive here and grow but we will never thrive in this world.

In our form we are bound to earth until our release. We cannot escape our physical death but when we reach optimum levels of the spirit in this world and cross the veil we will see the new world reborn out of the fires of the phoenix’s ashes. Spirits that enable injustices of sickness, mindless, careless action such as violence, war, rape and actions of hate will be judged. These realms will be divided in this life and the next, where you are situated may be due to your ties to these worlds. The Celestial, Terrestrial and Telestial worlds are designated on Earth as well as the life after in the spirit. There is no hell, unfortunately the lowest world you can go from here is Outer Darkness which is the equivalent to hell. Other that or reincarnations into devolved forms in this world.

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