The Division; It’s Dark Spite

A darkness in the sky starts to spread like a swarm of locust. Covering everything overhead with blackness of misfortune and spite. This dream was about the coming division in the air between what is right and what is wrong. I pray I may make the right decision in the wake of this realization.


I realize that the dream as a foresight is a silly notion. But my brain may have picked up on some vibes and patterns I have not realized at present. I believe the decisions that i make up ahead will determine greatly who I may become. The sky may represent more than myself and conflicts within myself. It may affect life and the world also.


I am programming this semester and hoping to make a program that generates triangular  paradigm models. Busy atm studying up on ruby (programming language), and php for web design. I hope to build a search engine that allows me to have people rate paradigms and models and help me scale words from 1-12 so that i can map out words and it’s extremities.


3 thoughts on “The Division; It’s Dark Spite

  1. Yay, Synamex! Good to know you are doing good and moving to newer frontiers.

    Mapping out words and its extremities. I wonder if you would be able to come up with a “perspective counter,” you know a means to assess a perspective from which a person sees things (if we consider that there would be a finite number of headings/angles/perspectives from which people view things and from which headings subheadings are possible, and that semnatics are basically words, phrases, signs and symbols. I started out with assuming that a perspective can be counted by starting out from a single further nonreducible unit). I once tried it but did not have tools enough to arrive at complex derivations, which with your dimensional thinking and tech savvyness may be possible!

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    • Thanks! Yes, I hope this project really flies. I’m trying to get partners and people with like minds to contribute to my new project. It’ll be called Tri-Search. Slogan “Try it, Search it, ..For possibilities”. It’ll be a search engine for paradigm models measuring extremities and alternate seats in the triangle of ideas. “eg. universe: mass, space, time” and of course dimension but want to keep it simple for now. I believe perspectives are limited only to categories.. but unlimited in variety. You could have strange things like dreams within dreams, life within lives, selves inside selves. and then you would have worlds within worlds of ideas that just keep growing downward. Just some interesting ideas to put out there. Thanks again. I’ll see you again i’m sure.

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  2. As for counter perspective; that really complicates things. But i suppose that’s part of what i’m doing in the process by making semnatics as logical statements and categorizing them appropriately. I think in making this project i will be implementing a way for users to add more models and uprating good paradigms to the community for ideas on what the mapping should look like. Thus making multiple versions of ideas that could work together and be compiled.


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