Equivalencies and Learning In Dreams


(A Midsumer’s Night Dream. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”).

I had a dream and learned something interesting,


If damnation and debt is by definition causing harm or destruction to oneself.

Redeeming yourself is by definition is production or being constructive with time.

Sanctifying yourself is by definition being proactive and having protective properties.


If damnation is equivalent to making a hole deeper.

If redemption is equivalent to filling the gutter hole to level height

If sanctification is equivalent to piling the gutter hole higher to make a mountain.

Then objective:

  1. Is the objective to make a hole?
  2. Is the objective is to fill the hole to ground level?
  3. Piling the dirt as high as possible to make mountains? (Stockpiling and hording).

There seems to be different approaches and each one seems to have a different function. Seldom will you need a hole, it will usually cause you more harm and put you more in danger of falling into it than help you but a hole as a function is capable of lowering ground level. Filling the gutter hole to level height is ideally where you want to go for the equation for the job to be done. The function of piling dirt as high as possible to make mountains is another function that is considered useful if the ground needs to be higher from the floor.


It seems all functions have a purpose and though I’m aware that damnation and debt causes harm and self destruction it also serves a purpose in the crazy model depending on what the objective is. If life is about partying, having fun and celebrating debt and self destruction seems to be viable to spare. If life is about finding balance, peace and love than filling that hole and moving on is the most logical step. If life is about building proactively and making a mountain so you can have a great view/experience than sanctification is necessary. All life paths are viable in experiences and all decisions make life possible, therefore if you want to live selfishly, productively or proactively the experience is up to you.

Which brings me to this conclusion: The one true thing in life:

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