The Roots of Human Entropy; Hunger, Thirst and Desire.


Human entropy; Hunger, Thirst and Desire.

These are the three, the root of all human dilemma’s, their suffering and cause of troubles. These three things perpetuate crime, pain and torment in motion. These are the primal elemental forces that drive a being to change his priorities and shift his preferences into a selfish self-benefiting pattern. Life is more selfish, thoughtless and heartless with these at work. These things are the fuel to discrimination, hate and carelessness the world suffers.

There’s an urgent word that must be said about our mentality about sexuality. That a life doesn’t end after rape. A motherhood is possible and opposite a child may be born.. but there’s another point the emotional scars are truly there inside but the physical will, will still be functional. The idea of a body being tainted and losing it’s sacredness is an idiots doctrine for a world of narrow sighted religious babble and the highest order of ignorance. Of course we should keep a woman’s life safe and that she is happy but her freedom is first what she does with her body is her will. That if something as tragic as rape happens there will be some form of justice to pay for those crimes according to a just set of laws to punish the man responsible. Though it should not be with a life. A life of punishment for crime is equal to a life of possible changes in that woman’s life. Just not by death. Death is equal by death crimes, or life in prison.

To be afraid to cause those crimes or be tempted by those crimes by covering up our women in religious garbs. To be always proactive, anxious in fear; to have the headset to fight back is not the route to go. To be proactive through basic self defense and thinking ahead in escaping to tell the proper authorities though, yes. This is the best route for a woman. A person who goes to a Mosque for example and fears to get aroused by a female in bowing position so much that he makes a separate room for them to pray in is a cowards solution. If all men must go through that much trouble to keep their piece of mind then it is a cowards religion, of self doubt and hate for each other and themselves and a practice of male dominant misogyny. I say this because in most religious faiths namely Christian and Muslim they say the figure head is the male. And to this I believe is completely untrue in a ideal world. A person with the right mindset and thinking is capable of great things and a woman is no less capable than a man of doing what a man can do.

There is too much fear and confusion in the world. These religions are a deviation to man kinds thinking – and not a solution. Through heavens inspiration or hell’s it does not matter because we are human beings. We have a different evolutionary path then these other spoken places. We are the species of humans and we must build a way for the humans of this conscious Earth. Heaven knows nothing of Earth. Hell has never known anymore then it’s own self destruction. We are the beings who experience life on Earth. It is up to us and our self responsibility to maintain it and sustain it.



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