To Be in Love with an Idea


It’s kind of like punishing yourself for believing that you can pick a fight with the sky or stars or even the world. It’s impossible and madness at that. An angel is a spirit and idea that does not have physical form. The idea of finding one and having a life with one is absurd. That’s why life is a game of Russian Roulette and that some people may never find what they are looking for because it’s unrealistic or does not fit in the world spectrum. I’ll find happiness in other things but just not on this topic. It’s tragic – something no one ever promised but I’m still looking for the caged red canary.

but maybe children’s dreams should be.. what it is.

So i’m letting the bird go free.. to capture other dreams.

Let it be.


Captured Dreams

Punishment for Crimes never committed.

Thoughts never expressed dreams never dreamed.

I speak of worlds never realized.

Are there consequences for them never happening?

I fear that if given what I most desire,

Will it be the end and a end to true potential?

Maybe it’s best it’s never had.

That some dreams should never be expressed.

Torment and frustration of things unexpressed

Seem to knock at the door, yet it is out of reach.

I look for the canary, the sign of Isis but –

it seems some things weren’t meant to be.

Happiness lies in the eyes of the beholder..

And maybe if I find new dreams maybe,

I’ll leave room for other things to happen.

Opening other options.

Just not my caged red canary.

I’m in a loop of the reoccuring Vesica Pisces.

The torment is forever.



4 thoughts on “To Be in Love with an Idea

  1. So! A dream has caught you 🙂 Is it good enough to be your Moby Dick or Holy Grail? Looks like it from what you write but only you would know what would be good enough to be your Moby Dick/Holy Grail depending on your caliber… “the torment is forever,” ay? Mr.Frost nailed it in his poem, Birches “ could do worse than be a swinger of birches.”

    Happy Journey!

    “May your vision be grand, your journey epic and your legacy significant” ~ Mel Abraham

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      • Did you know that a child’s dream has the potential to bring to existence/reality that which is in the realm of the impossible..and that impossible itself declares I-M-POSSIBLE?

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      • Haha. Very inspiring interpretation of impossible. I dunno.. don’t want to get my hopes up even if it was true. I think I like being grounded and down to earth to keep my head clear. Opposite thinking will probably work against me in the long run but I’ll keep your ideas in mind.

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