The Last Light

A dream,


I couldn’t remember if he was the “last” light or referred to as the “one” light. But there was an account of a caped man in dark robes who may have been of royal lineage. He had brown curly hand length hair. He told me as he carried me off the shores of a beach; that he was the one who saved me, the reason why things are the way they are, that there were sacrifices made in making my journey possible. I don’t understand it all. He carried my stuff and an ocarina as we walked up some steps.

An ocarina is a musical instrument of Chinese/Japanese descent it’s development and advancement in more notes happened when they came to Europe. There are different types of ocarina including some of the first made of clay with 2-4 notes and a German Gemshorn which was an instrument made out of a horn.

It was implied that i had no memory or lost my memory of the event. It was also implied I was a primal light, a crude and more undeveloped light. But a light none the less. It is possible that maybe i’m not from this time frame.

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