Comprehension of the Answer


The meek and timid shall inherit the world.

Life, Dream, Self and Light; Through life’s past, present and potential future we reflect. Through dream’s we ponder. Through “Self” we bring ourselves to own up for actions and redeem ourselves through responsibility. Through Light. We understand and comprehend our situation on Earth and make best of it.

The superstition and fear of old ghosts has never gotten us anywhere, it only hindered our progression of understanding, defining and exploring.

We need to purge the world of these namely religious ideas, systems and restraints. And build one on the heart of humanity, growing stronger and taking only the best traits to carry on. Respect for one another as the truth arises. As information comes to surface we will communicate and emotions will subside. Only knowledge survives and the most pristine ideas and understandings will persevere.

We are not building another tower of Babylon; We are building to sustain life on earth, for peace, prosperity and stability. To acknowledge the fact that there is great suffering around the globe. Confusion that throws people to do things they ought not to do. We need Healing, not conquest. Not ideas to push someone into decisions that is against their will. Knowledge and understanding of how the world and life works is essential.

God is an idea beyond our capacity and scope. The idea of praising a god we do not know is ignorant. And he may know us each personally and individually.. but we do not have the power to understand him completely. Building something after him (temples, shrines and idols) is a suggestion that we do. All we are doing is building false idols, misguiding people of the message which is “humanity comes first”. Healing and facilities for healing need to be established. We do not need another misguided tower of Babylon of so called holy truth. You cannot comprehend the holiest truth.. you cannot represent such a thing.

I cannot even say I am the holiest truth but god can’t say he has the holiest truth on Earth because he doesn’t live the human life but I know that I am the only truth humanity can use to build on which respects and understands one another.. and allows the world to branch into. We can build on these foundations of knowledge. We can only be agnostic and secular to build our homes and facilities of healing and knowledge. Any other set of ideas; religious or not is secondary and not priority. Build our homes and we build our future.

I embody the philosophy of human life, here I display the path of the noble spirit. “No man knows the heart of god. Morality came from food not god.”

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