The Supercharged Brain; The Gold Rules to Life


A few things you can do in your life to make your brain really active and powerful. If you suffer from slow speech or tend to say “uhm” or “uhh”. a lot. Here’s some tips for those who want to supercharge your brain to optimize it’s capacity.


According to some science by John Ratey a Harvard professor if you run a lot you encourage memory and enhanced cognition and in the process encourage brain cell regrowth. This neuro-biological process is equivalent to a sharp pencil and clean sheet of paper opposed to a dull one and dirty paper. High intensity interval exercise as it is known is best as an alternative. It also increases metabolism and promotes healthy appetite.


The more you read the more familiar and fluent you are with the language. Knowledge is power, reading is brain food and it exercises your brain and stimulates the brain and encourages positive endorphin in the brain. Which make you happy and think positive and constructively. Reading is also very therapeutic and allows you to calm down stress, emotions and anxiety.

3. Writing

This also allows you to be more familiar and fluent with the language. It allows you to communicate better in social instances and the language will come more naturally. Expressing yourself allows you to find a release for the stress in your life and vent. For those who suffer anxiety, emotions and stress writing is therapeutic.

4. Practice an Instrument

This not only encourages memory but in the practice of memory rather than just the increasing the potential of memory from running. The Flute, Violin, Piano, Guitar are my personal favorites. Classical music is said to promote growth and encourage constructive thinking. Memory, growth and promotion of thought in a study of how music effects plants is evident in the subconscious influence of music and the type of music you listen to.

5. Eating frequently and consistently

Eating in small potions many times a day will increase metabolism. Compounded with High intensity interval training or running will actually allow you to lose weight and encourage overall health.

I also have other practices I enjoy that gives other perks and attributes.. such as Sword training, Karate (mix martial arts).

6. Sword training

Makes me feel like I have an edge (excuse the pun) over everyone. It’s my security backup plan that allows me to establish that in danger I will be able to defend myself and get away. It keeps me sharp and accurate. It builds strong upper body strength and arms. I use a heavy bar to practice sword so when using a real blade it comes with ease.

7. Karate/Tai Chi/Mixed Martial Arts

The art of the empty hand. You won’t always have a weapon with you and this is the reason why some self defense and exercise with a martial art like Karate is necessary. Also allows you to have an upper hand in a fight to defend yourself so you can get away. The Katas (set of sequenced moves) allow you to familiarize and encourages memory in practice and potential  through motor memory in the muscles. This allows your body to react faster than thought during a fight or flight situation intuitively.

8. Meditation

One thing that I am trying to do but don’t do enough of is meditation. There are many health benefits to meditation in that it keeps you composed and strong in stressful situations. I have not yet mastered this practice yet but it will give you insight and understanding of the world around you.

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