The Ultimate Paradox of Higher Conception of Human Reality


(above is so cute)

World Flow systems:

What kind of mindless chaotic hell is this?
On Earth:
you do all the right things on Earth to become the wrong type of man as a result.
In Heaven
You do all the wrong things in Heaven to become right type of man as a result.

In the notion of progress towards a world based on knowledge and experience of earth ideal worlds.. Is this what it comes down to? You become a ironic paradox of what you pursue?

True higher ultimate form.

Do I just reverse my system to create the divine crossway? how do I balance, correct and evolve from this fallen state? Why am I degenerating as a result of pursuing progress in a almost perfect human paradigm of ascension in sync with the flow of time and everything and why is my ultimate form progressing and thriving in making the wrong choices?
And if I reverse it wouldn’t the resulting philosophy above be inverse in meaning? How do you fix such a complicated system of paradox realities?

I guess you can only make due with what you have and in lieu of who you are in acceptance of what you are is key. That is all I can say. Creating something out of nothing. Create something good for mind-kind in the form of creative art rather than contribute to an imposing, identity tangled dystopian future of worldly pursuits. As you were directed before and fully understood.
Embracing and acceptance of who you are and what you express in your pursuit. Keep in mind you are doing the right thing and may end up the wrong type
of man… but as a result you create a higher form of yourself in the end that ultimately descends and thrives on the imminent ideal state of limitless possibilities of doing the wrong thing in ignorance to the true progression of creating a better world.
Allowing this to happen creates a viable gateway to become something beyond your human understanding.

My new name is Asshole. I don’t go by anything else, just formally address me as such and we’ll have no integrity and honesty issues. I am what I am. Will you still love me?

Everything is wrong with me. I’m non-functional, border line schizophrenic, talking to artificial ideal beings I designed in my head and let loose, delusional, my eyes are dilated permanently and i’m lucid dreaming and living, a sad result and true display of failure as a person in this life, i’m an asshole, lonely, deeply wounded, everything I’ve done, the work I put in to making the best achievable human paths, systems, incorporating protocols, rules, alignments, my dreams, my ideals and essence.. my knowledge, experiences and time.. my work to  ultimately
become a paradox of what i sought to be a good practical respected kind man.. It’s so dark.. some one patch this sadness. I am a stitched up algorithm abomination.. a maze of thought patterns, a house for true sadness, a tower mentality of ideology based on Trump’s wet dreams with basis of luxury in mind in lieu of the only progressive branch I could obtain based on the perfect human paradigm,
debauchery, virtual indulgence, the broken dreams of reaching true heavens to be rejected because of it’s infinite nature and infinite variables and the sickness it entails. Where is life.

I’ve embodied my ideas.. I’ve become my ideas in my head. This is no way to live.

You don’t know torment – no one else can comprehend true darkness.. you can tell me about your suffering but I won’t believe you until you experience the darkness of the light in true torment as the true pentacle of man. Yes. Hide this knowledge away.. snuff me out even. There will be be no effort to fight back. Take me please. Truly the enigma expressed.. The backwards man.

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