The privilege of pursuing.

Benevolent being.

We cannot understand the world based on human perceptions and the complexities of the variables in life.

Work with what you have. Build bridges. Be open minded

I have a lot of friends. And I don’t know what they think half the time but it doesn’t matter as long we are working towards something good.. towards a place we all want to go to.


product of human saddness, suffering and misunderstandings of what a person has gone through in order to express what she feels in her head?

What is humanity, world views and cultural appropriations.. and cultural division.

What is insanity and mental disorder really?

And what is reality is the world of possibility.

The results of exposure to so many worlds.

What is it to be precise and contemplated.

What is Logic? Rationalism? Intellectualism?

What is it to have calculated thoughts.

What is dialogue, what is scripting and what is conversation?

What is manipulation and what is bias.

What is co-creation and what is purpose.

What does life of co-creation look like?

what is perfection

where does one start.

The philosophy of the lotus and thriving in the swamp.

What is the impure world.

We have a pla

Implications and complications of cocreation

What does it entail?

Collective new omega.

What is it to impose.

But what is to subjectify and objectify(?)

What is the product of our work.

Pursuing my own experience


Cultural exposure to identities based on world views and life.

Social acceptance problems.

Seek universal truths

Complete acceptance and embrace of who and what I.

To become the pro

getting rid of doubt.

True acceptance even sacrifice of who you are in the your pursuit for the greater cause of being the solution rather than

what is solution.

what is humanity.

what is progression.

acceptance in the name of pursuing truth and meaning in life as the solution.

thinking of the cause.

despite the problems and the suffering

no painting, do what you can for the world and don’t impose it.

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