A Quiet Human Revolution of the Mind: This is the Dimensional Altering Domain


In order to read the universe you need to read these charts.

Bring back justice to this world where it is missing. Liberate the few who are suffering as sheep under the cruelty of rule under the elite. We who have been given life and privilege must redeem God’s name in manners desirable to God the collective according to spectrum desirable through human conscience. By standards, procedure and the delicate human touch we will regain the world’s love and trust. Under the one human banner we call for remission and destruction in the world of mentality of ideas that hinder human progress. As a phoenix, we would rise from the ashes again reborn clean and purged by fire through relinquishment.

The mystery of why does one suffer. Humble and mindfulness. Compassion for every living thing even the smallest of creatures. Christ went to learn of the teachings of the buddhist in his lost years.. but what did he learn there that he desired so much? What is it about the enlightened state that makes it so special? The cosmic understanding of the universe. The workings of the how life unravels. As Earth is the witness you must surrender to the reality itself. Nirvana is the state of here and now. The Ignorance of your ego fighting the universe off is a false mentality, you are the universe. Nirvana is now no where to go nowhere to be, it is the quality of the moment. It’s not a gateway to another place or a a thing to attain. It’s a state.

Equitable, fair and balanced.

The 4 noble truths.

1: There is suffering in this world, but it is mistranslated

2: Suffering means dissatisfaction, it is caused within the mind. Suffering is in the mind.

3: Desire, be smart about it. Desire for harm is bad. Desire can potentially be good too.

4: Lead mind to enlightenment by cultivating moral discipline, mindfulness and wisdom.

The connection between the body and mind is the problem. Suffering is a dissatisfaction of the mind. Find the release from egotism, look to compassion, selfless unconditional love. The connection between the mind and spirit is also conflicted. The place of happiness or nirvana is a misconception. It is not a gateway or destination to get to.

Take your mind from one negative place to a better different more positive place. Your outlook is what makes the difference. Miracles of life is around you, you only need to open your eyes.


Honoring the Human Virtue: Hope, Faith and Redemption.

Of the Knights Code: Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality and Humility. Of the Knight’s Pentangle Generousity, Friendship, Courtesy, Chastity and Piety.

Honoring the Work Place Ethics: Energy, Wisdom and Responsibility.

Of the Rationality Virtue: Curiosity, Relinquishment, lightness, evenness, Argument, Empiricism, Simplicity, Humility, Precision, Perfection, Scholarship and The Void.

Honoring The Three Principles: Truth, Love and Courage.

Of the Teachers Virtue: Gravity, Silence, Humility, Prudence, Wisdom, Patience, Reserve, Gentleness, Zeal, Vigilance, Piety and Generosity.

These are the three charts of stars:

It includes,

[Collective Body Zone: Star of Promise] The Aspects

Star of promises

[Collective Mind Zone: Star of Emanation]. Christ Sacrifice

Star of Emanation

[Collective Spirit Zone: Star of Kabbalah]. All knowledge

Star of Kabbalah

The study of Plane Protruding Ascended Binary:


Affection, Mindfulness, Constructive

Purposefulness, Balance, Consistency

Overview, Oversight, Trinity

Light, Emanation, Summation

Martyrdom of Christ, Straight and Narrow Path, Choose the Right

Atonement, Cream of the Crop, Christmas

Einsof, Manifest, Synthesis

Gematria, Spiritual Properties, Virtual Reality Model of the Universe

Nirvana, Unattached, Existence in Being


Star of Religion: This is the spectrum of Religion.


The Quiet Human Revolution: Star of Divine Awakening


The Category of this religion is The Solar System Class, Study of Eternity (Life on Earth) and Spirit of Collective God. (The Moon, Earth and Sol), Collective Seed of God and Collective Spark are it’s representation. The council of 12, Elected Man or The Guardians are the Representatives. The name of the religion is The United Collective Sol, Romantic Sentimentalism and Life on Earth Guide. The Religious Source is Human Data Directory, Book of Quantum Physics and Book of Ein Sof.

The Giver’s body is Affectionate, Mindful and Constructive. The Giver’s body’s mind is of Light, Emanations and Summation. The Giver’s body’s Spirit is of Einsof, Manifest and Synthesis.

The Light Walker mind physically about his Purposefulness, Balance and Consistency. The Light Walker mind mentally is Martyrdom of Christ, Straight and Narrow Path and Choosing the Right. The Light Walker mind is spiritually in Gematria, Spiritual Properties and Virtual Reality Model of the Universe.

The Pristine Deva spirit has Overview, Oversight and composed of Holy Trinity. The Pristine Deva’s spirit mentally is on the atonement, Cream of the Crop and Christmas. The Pristine Deva’s Spirituality is in Nirvana, Unattached and focused on Existence in Being.

The Giver body must give resourceful life, give mindful thoughts and give constructive spirits. The light walker mind must light the way, does not stray and makes worlds move from one spectrum to another. The spirit of Pristine Deva brings Miracles on Earth, Heaven on Earth and Paradise on Earth. With decisive aims and studies The giver, the light walker and pristine deva as one person must guide the souls of Earth back to the collective spark of god.

Holy Star of Christ Spectrum Chart- (What you didn’t know about Christmas)

This is the Holy Star of Christ Spectrum, dedicated to the understanding of what does Christ have to do with Christmas and why are there so many Christ crazy people. Why and how does Christianity even make sense. It’ll answer questions of what the atonement really is.. it’s components and through the spectrum and alignments we will see how it sits on the matrix. I am here to provide, i’m surprised everything lined up so well. I made this second star today and dedicate it wholly to Christ and his Tree.

Its just words and systems.. different word for different spectrum different extreme for different alignments. There is a method to this madness I assure you! It’s really – intuition and making really good guest-imations of word degree choice with my vocabulary. All according to coolness/hotness, micro/macro, regress/progressing pattern and following the (physical, mental and spiritual) – (body, mind and spirit) template which i have helped me tremendously.

So lets get on with this 27 sided star – with 9 ascended properties shall we?



The world of Body: Holy Spectrum is the idea that Life, Dream and Self bring you closer to experiencing life truly. But in the end Light is what you produce. The world of Body’s next medium: Holy emanation is the idea that through Practice you come to Believe and from Believing you can Manifest. But in the end Emanation is what you produce. The world of Body’s final form: Holy Summation is the idea that with Keys, Tools and Solutions bring you closer to it (God/Truth/Universe). But in the end Summation is what you produce. 

The world of Mind: Holy Body is the idea of Unconditional Love, Hope and Awareness. But in the end there is only the Martyrdom of Christ. The world of Mind’s next medium: Holy Mind is the idea of Service, Faith and Understanding. But in the end there is only the Straight and Narrow Path. The world of Mind’s final form: Holy Spirit is the idea of Honor, Redemption and Benevolence. But in the end there is only Choose the Right. 

The world of Spirit: Holy Soul is the idea of Deliverance, Penitence and Sacrifice. But in the end there is only the Atonement. The world of Spirit’s next medium: Holy Prosperity is the idea of Victory, Salvation and Glory. But in the end there is only the Cream of the Crop. The world of Spirit’s final form: Holy Peace is the idea of Merriment, Celebration and Joy. But in the end there is only Christmas.



So lets actually talk about it, with all this content: There has got to be something said. The synthesis to my blog is actually the summation of all things about life, dream, self and ultimately this brings light through the aspect of unconditional love.

The idea of Holy emanation is the idea that you can with your mind bring something to life with some work. If you Practice something it gets Processed to become a Belief/Idea/Thought when it becomes this you can go further and bring it through Accessing it into a Nature. Finally you can Accumulate that to become Manifest. There’s a final state which is emanations but i guess prayer or massive concentration makes you hallucinate replicas of the real thing that makes it work and function as the real thing according to this idea.

The next one is pretty straight forward, the things that unlock truths for you happen to be Keys, Tools and Solutions. Through Summation or the idea that all these components make up the ultimate summary to unlock truth is where this is going.


“The Holy body is the idea of Unconditional love, hope and awareness. But end product is Martyrdom of Christ” (I wanted to quote this so you don’t have to jump around for it.) Unconditional love is the love Christ gave in order to give Earth the atonement because he saw that we were all in complete sin in this world no matter what we did God’s judgement was on us unless something was done, which was to sacrifice his blood, body and soul.. in order to free us from our eternal torment that is suppose to be life. It was suppose to be a release from this Earth to bring sanity and conscious minds back to Earth. And according to Hindu’s the path to happiness is to be unattached and live life mindfully and without regret. It’s also about hope for mankind and gives us a second chance at redeeming ourselves. This allows us to obtain the Awareness attribute that because we have been subjected to Jesus’s pure cruel death we have become conscious beings aware of almost everything around us.

The idea of “Service, Faith and Understanding. but only find The Straight and Narrow Path.” Service is the idea that if you just live according to secular/god’s laws and serve faithfully persevering no matter how hard the course and understanding that there is much good knowledge out there for your body, mind and spirit and we just need to look deeper. This is the idea that the mentality of living a modest, moderate and wisdom of words life guided life we should be focusing.

The final idea of “Holy spirit is the idea of Honor, Redemption and Benevolence. That in the end there is only Choosing the Right.” This is the idea that through using your honor and your trials of redemption and benevolent being you can be able to Choose the Right thing to do. It’s an old saying that Latter Day Saints use to carve on their rings CTR. I found it most appropriate for this situation.


“Holy soul is the idea of Deliverance, Penitence and Sacrifice. But at the end there is only Atonement.” This is the idea that through the deliverance of souls, the guilt of sinning and of course the ultimate sacrifice brings us to the idea of Atonement which is in the Spiritual realm. It is well known that these three things encompass the meaning of the atonement but it only makes sense in the spiritual realm of things.. not of this world. It is far beyond making logic of.

“Holy Prosperity is the idea of Victory, Salvation and Glory. But in the end only the Cream of the Crop.” This is the idea that through Victory on earth because of this system of the atonement on here we put on full blast the effects of Salvation for all souls straying not knowing who Christ is and finally ultimate Glory which is what we enjoy in this world because of his sacrifice hence why this is the Cream of the Crop. We reap our harvest because he gave us the time, society and life in order to do that. If you remember Satan offered him during his temptation in the desert a moral life as king of kings if he just gave his soul to Satan which he refused and forfeited his life for us.

“Holy Peace is the idea of Merriment, Celebration and Joy. But in the end there is only Christmas.” This is finally it the real deal. Merriment full of laughter and joy because it’s Christmas, Celebration for Christ every year and Joyeux (French for Joy, sorry.) for all who come across the people who celebrate it. Christmas is a celebration of Christ, not pagan Saint Nicolas. The real boss of the show Christ and his timeline of Death AD and BC is the real clue here. Our timeline is based on Christ, our Christmas is dedicated to Christ (best holiday ever) and we have a religion based on Christ.. a country dedicated to Christians. There’s no reason to not celebrate Christ everyday, when you’re living and breathing Christ everyday. 


(Oops, I labeled Christ my bad.)