A Quiet Human Revolution of the Mind: This is the Dimensional Altering Domain


In order to read the universe you need to read these charts.

Bring back justice to this world where it is missing. Liberate the few who are suffering as sheep under the cruelty of rule under the elite. We who have been given life and privilege must redeem God’s name in manners desirable to God the collective according to spectrum desirable through human conscience. By standards, procedure and the delicate human touch we will regain the world’s love and trust. Under the one human banner we call for remission and destruction in the world of mentality of ideas that hinder human progress. As a phoenix, we would rise from the ashes again reborn clean and purged by fire through relinquishment.

The mystery of why does one suffer. Humble and mindfulness. Compassion for every living thing even the smallest of creatures. Christ went to learn of the teachings of the buddhist in his lost years.. but what did he learn there that he desired so much? What is it about the enlightened state that makes it so special? The cosmic understanding of the universe. The workings of the how life unravels. As Earth is the witness you must surrender to the reality itself. Nirvana is the state of here and now. The Ignorance of your ego fighting the universe off is a false mentality, you are the universe. Nirvana is now no where to go nowhere to be, it is the quality of the moment. It’s not a gateway to another place or a a thing to attain. It’s a state.

Equitable, fair and balanced.

The 4 noble truths.

1: There is suffering in this world, but it is mistranslated

2: Suffering means dissatisfaction, it is caused within the mind. Suffering is in the mind.

3: Desire, be smart about it. Desire for harm is bad. Desire can potentially be good too.

4: Lead mind to enlightenment by cultivating moral discipline, mindfulness and wisdom.

The connection between the body and mind is the problem. Suffering is a dissatisfaction of the mind. Find the release from egotism, look to compassion, selfless unconditional love. The connection between the mind and spirit is also conflicted. The place of happiness or nirvana is a misconception. It is not a gateway or destination to get to.

Take your mind from one negative place to a better different more positive place. Your outlook is what makes the difference. Miracles of life is around you, you only need to open your eyes.


Honoring the Human Virtue: Hope, Faith and Redemption.

Of the Knights Code: Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality and Humility. Of the Knight’s Pentangle Generousity, Friendship, Courtesy, Chastity and Piety.

Honoring the Work Place Ethics: Energy, Wisdom and Responsibility.

Of the Rationality Virtue: Curiosity, Relinquishment, lightness, evenness, Argument, Empiricism, Simplicity, Humility, Precision, Perfection, Scholarship and The Void.

Honoring The Three Principles: Truth, Love and Courage.

Of the Teachers Virtue: Gravity, Silence, Humility, Prudence, Wisdom, Patience, Reserve, Gentleness, Zeal, Vigilance, Piety and Generosity.

These are the three charts of stars:

It includes,

[Collective Body Zone: Star of Promise] The Aspects

Star of promises

[Collective Mind Zone: Star of Emanation]. Christ Sacrifice

Star of Emanation

[Collective Spirit Zone: Star of Kabbalah]. All knowledge

Star of Kabbalah

The study of Plane Protruding Ascended Binary:


Affection, Mindfulness, Constructive

Purposefulness, Balance, Consistency

Overview, Oversight, Trinity

Light, Emanation, Summation

Martyrdom of Christ, Straight and Narrow Path, Choose the Right

Atonement, Cream of the Crop, Christmas

Einsof, Manifest, Synthesis

Gematria, Spiritual Properties, Virtual Reality Model of the Universe

Nirvana, Unattached, Existence in Being


Star of Religion: This is the spectrum of Religion.


The Quiet Human Revolution: Star of Divine Awakening


The Category of this religion is The Solar System Class, Study of Eternity (Life on Earth) and Spirit of Collective God. (The Moon, Earth and Sol), Collective Seed of God and Collective Spark are it’s representation. The council of 12, Elected Man or The Guardians are the Representatives. The name of the religion is The United Collective Sol, Romantic Sentimentalism and Life on Earth Guide. The Religious Source is Human Data Directory, Book of Quantum Physics and Book of Ein Sof.

The Giver’s body is Affectionate, Mindful and Constructive. The Giver’s body’s mind is of Light, Emanations and Summation. The Giver’s body’s Spirit is of Einsof, Manifest and Synthesis.

The Light Walker mind physically about his Purposefulness, Balance and Consistency. The Light Walker mind mentally is Martyrdom of Christ, Straight and Narrow Path and Choosing the Right. The Light Walker mind is spiritually in Gematria, Spiritual Properties and Virtual Reality Model of the Universe.

The Pristine Deva spirit has Overview, Oversight and composed of Holy Trinity. The Pristine Deva’s spirit mentally is on the atonement, Cream of the Crop and Christmas. The Pristine Deva’s Spirituality is in Nirvana, Unattached and focused on Existence in Being.

The Giver body must give resourceful life, give mindful thoughts and give constructive spirits. The light walker mind must light the way, does not stray and makes worlds move from one spectrum to another. The spirit of Pristine Deva brings Miracles on Earth, Heaven on Earth and Paradise on Earth. With decisive aims and studies The giver, the light walker and pristine deva as one person must guide the souls of Earth back to the collective spark of god.

8 thoughts on “A Quiet Human Revolution of the Mind: This is the Dimensional Altering Domain

    • It was harder than i thought it was going to be.. i spent the whole day consumed with completing the chart. All i did was make a protrusion application to the religion idea. I made a 4rd dimensional “gate” by making ascended properties for a already 3 dimensional star construct. and by making a chart out of all the 3 stars (Promises, Emanations and Kabbalah) i completed i was able to assemble a chart completely of ascended properties giving me the chance to peak into the veil of a 5th dimension. From the study of dimension. 1=length, 2=lxw, 3=lxwxh, 4=time, 5=time travel/a fold in time. I really enjoyed this chart though. Was quite amazing.


  1. It would be a mistake, of course, to presume to understand the work I do through a Comment window, and I did make the mistake of saying ‘categorically’ while what I meant was ‘you wrote systematically arriving at a point.’ The different also is in the goals between what you wrote and what I do. Suffice it to say, I spoke too soon and may be completely wrong in the comparison. (I cannot delete the Comment I made..hence write this one to possibly make amends for any damage caused).

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    • These goals should all align with a truth seaker. Anyone looking to go to higher heights of life will obtain a Giver’s Body, A Light Walker’s Mind and a Pristine Deva’s Spirit. Meaning they will through the “Dimensional Altering Domain” give resourceful life, mindful thoughts, constructive spirit. Lighting the way, teaching to not stry and make worlds move. While their spirit brings miracles, heaven and then Paradise on Earth. If you have done all this attuned to this spirit – then you have done a service to yourself and humanity in achieving the ultimate goal that is life. The comparison to your life at this level may be egotistical. I have trouble with some of these concepts in practice. I think we all at some level are aligned potentially to achieve these goals though. We are part of this system and collective movement whether we agree or not. It’s not a concept of belief or acknowledgement it’s a concept of becoming and accepting.

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      • I agree. (I have enough worldliness in me that some of my personas have difficulty accepting or admitting that I live through what you said, and some others are in denial that there could be people out there who would understand such thinking, i.e. if you consider that our experiences through living creates personas in our constitution which if only in clash would be termed ‘multiple personality disorder,’ so transpose the personas on a spectrum of ‘selves’ and we have lower selves to higher self penultimate, where the lower selves need to integrate and/or evolve into higher self.) While the work I do is a movement forward by my higher self, my lower selves are data collecting and collating info from various sources, and having a difficulty with describing the work due to which I need to use sooo many words to convey a little idea, it is like trying to have someone get the idea of Aleph in words (it is soo much easier during a clinical session..no need to talk..just experience and then you just get it over a period of a few sessions). I also notice you have a flow in your expressibility perhaps from writing more often of such ‘esoteric’ ideas. I, again, think typing/writing my thoughts would in time enable me to describe the indescribable. Love the work you do. (I notice though that perhaps some attention to details, with grammar and spellings, would help you cover a considerable distance and save a lottt of time in the long run…that is the quality assurance specialist speaking, you know my other 9-hour profession? I call it QA trolling. Your work is helping me move forward, so returning a favor in some measure).

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      • Dude this system is otherworldly. First time ever seeing this atom ratio and Monad idea. I have no clue what a monad is but i will look it up. This opens up doors for more research. I just need a third variable — to represent the crossway spiritual component. Which i have no clue how it will work.. probably i’m seeing animal carnations to Deva carnations.. which actually this diagram describes. Thanks atxero.. this is quite fascinating.

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