A blurred line for being “More-Man”.


The topic is about this state called apostasy and about homosexuality and how it is seen as wrong in the church.

A sexual organ that determines a man and a woman does not determine if he will be masculine or feminine. A man can be stuck in a woman’s body and a woman a man’s. You cannot control what a person will become when taking into consideration their state of nature and nurture to become that way. A person is who he is based on how he/she is made, how he/she has grown and how he/she has become. All variables attribute to who this person is.

Apostasy is the falling away from truth of the church’s teachings and loss of authority on grounds which are right. What man know’s when he is at wrong and right at all times? These are strange grounds we are in. And homosexuality is a case that we have cased to be wrong, but its not a critical problem that will determine a life or death scenario. Indubitably, it will may be opposite and a child who has two homosexual parents instead of one may become more successful and more accurately benefit more so then two angry hetero parents looking to divorce. A person is a person, and not a sexuality. Not a object, not a place and not a thing. They are a human being and much care and thought must be put into them beyond common care.

My opinion is that two souls, four pairs of hands are better then one soul with 2 hands. Accumulation of “hands on deck” adds up potentially. Unless you can say a homosexual man lacks anything a hetero man does physically to access a situation correctly and manage life better. Then there is no argument to this question of what is wrong and what is right.

The state of apostasy is also questionable. You cannot “know” you are in apostasy unless the facts are laid before you and you truly believe you can commune with the holy spirit and feel his presence. And how do we know when we are able to? And if this answer is the right one? You can feel as much as you want about a subject but deception is always a variable. If you don’t catch it then you can continue to feel a certain way but never know the truth.

I know not one person who can tell me they truly are in communion with god himself. Maybe the apostles and pope may know more then we do about the faith but for all we know god isn’t a crystal ball you can go to, to get your answers. This is for sure. The truth is in research, the act of deduction, reasoning and using your heart.