A blurred line for being “More-Man”.


The topic is about this state called apostasy and about homosexuality and how it is seen as wrong in the church.

A sexual organ that determines a man and a woman does not determine if he will be masculine or feminine. A man can be stuck in a woman’s body and a woman a man’s. You cannot control what a person will become when taking into consideration their state of nature and nurture to become that way. A person is who he is based on how he/she is made, how he/she has grown and how he/she has become. All variables attribute to who this person is.

Apostasy is the falling away from truth of the church’s teachings and loss of authority on grounds which are right. What man know’s when he is at wrong and right at all times? These are strange grounds we are in. And homosexuality is a case that we have cased to be wrong, but its not a critical problem that will determine a life or death scenario. Indubitably, it will may be opposite and a child who has two homosexual parents instead of one may become more successful and more accurately benefit more so then two angry hetero parents looking to divorce. A person is a person, and not a sexuality. Not a object, not a place and not a thing. They are a human being and much care and thought must be put into them beyond common care.

My opinion is that two souls, four pairs of hands are better then one soul with 2 hands. Accumulation of “hands on deck” adds up potentially. Unless you can say a homosexual man lacks anything a hetero man does physically to access a situation correctly and manage life better. Then there is no argument to this question of what is wrong and what is right.

The state of apostasy is also questionable. You cannot “know” you are in apostasy unless the facts are laid before you and you truly believe you can commune with the holy spirit and feel his presence. And how do we know when we are able to? And if this answer is the right one? You can feel as much as you want about a subject but deception is always a variable. If you don’t catch it then you can continue to feel a certain way but never know the truth.

I know not one person who can tell me they truly are in communion with god himself. Maybe the apostles and pope may know more then we do about the faith but for all we know god isn’t a crystal ball you can go to, to get your answers. This is for sure. The truth is in research, the act of deduction, reasoning and using your heart.

Reply to “Take me to church” – Traditional ideas for Church becomes Modern and Secular.


I was just reading some blogs today and came across an interesting one about Church, Christianity, undesirables and being lead to new ideas about the church. I got so involved with my reply that it came out to be as long as a post. So i’ll leave this here:

Ghandi liked the christian ideas of redemption and to spread undiscriminating love among each other. What he did not like was how the christian community treated him when he went to church with them. If we understand what the true body of Christ is and to be part of him that we forgive and understand we are sinners so we can redeem ourselves when we realize it. In this manner we can continue to improve ourselves progressively.

Though this is true, there are those who may be behind from the benefits of the church. People gimped and impaired from seeing the light of Christ but still want to. People outside the church who long to praise Christ and learn of him and this is where the conflict starts. The question is who do we turn away at all? Are we the bunch who turn away the shades of grey? disfigurement, disabled, colors and age? if we do not why do people encourage that we turn away the tints in color? the mentally disabled, physically disabled and deformed? Why do we turn away the hues? Gays, bisexual and transsexual?

If we want to spread the love and word of Christ. Why do we act like we’re separating from society when we are trying to integrate into it? Truthfully we are doing both. Separating and Integrating at the same time. Separating from nonbelievers that repel anything that has to do with religion and integrating into the system that is our society. Christ is a message of understanding, compassion and love. When God’s message is more unity, comprehension and spirit which is something less understood but along the same lines. God goes to the heart of things but Christ is the heart. Christ is the way.

There needs to be big changes in the church structure and views in order for the traditional idea of church to evolve in order to integrate into new society and secular laws of man.


The church may be in trouble with these ideas if they are working backwards and unchanging. As i said conservative traditional church and liberal evolving sciences need to work to find a balance. These are the two branches of ideas and power houses that drive our society today and they need to find a nice equilibrium. A medium that says balance between both of these ideas. Both speak out we are a community, we build things and nurture society with different strengths to various degrees. There are other trees of ideas out there like business, industry, art, health and technology. Those will grow in time but not as exponentially as Religion and Science.  I guess Humanism/secularism would be the most latter medium of both worlds. So let us focus on this topic Humanism/secularism ideas as the base above all else before we get into higher purpose of god’s religion and fancy cars and luxurious gimmicks of science.

Let us create a system and exercise this by making a protocol. Humanism/Secularism of human needs as the base of all as highest priority. Science in improving the world and human life as the second priority. Religion in improving purpose and direction in life as third in priority. These are the human protocol priorities and functional identities.

The reason we do this is to map out what the extremes are on a single linear map and to figure out what comes next. We need to identify what Christ stands for and what he absolutely despises. His concepts maybe revised a little, maybe what he truly in the heart wants but cannot express and immediately manifest. (Maybe someone more qualified may fill this part out then I?). We all know what Religion should stand for and what we ideally want is complete acceptance of all race, color and creed. We all want everyone to get along and challenge one another to change for the better. We need a congregation of members who just get things done so that they can have another successful week of so called “church”. I mean stuff like bringing the bread and water makes no sense now adays, they call it a sacrement but it serves no function today when everyone in the city is usually full and ready to go. Lets bring snack crackers, healthy salads and a keg of water. Maybe some vitamin and supplements. Milk, bread and honey. Favorite books to share and talk about. There are more life lessons learned in real life from some of the greatest investors, entrepreneurs and real estate owners. Lets secretly call them book clubs to make it sound less religious and learn about life and the world around us.

We need science and their laws and principals: starting with

The mind; physical: (functional brain) neurology, mental: (illness and disorder) psychology, spiritual: (cause and purpose.) philosophical.

The body; physical: understands organs and functional.(surgeon), mental: understands disease and illness. (family doctor), spiritual: understands necessities and malnutrition (nutritionist)

The spirit; physical: understands emotional and physical experience. (yoga, fitness instructors), mental: understands decay of motivation (Motivational speakers and positive inspirations.) spiritual: understands the steps to reproduce functional life (Life guidance guide and balance reinforcement)

I guess from my findings we still have yet to develop what i think is a new category in this new age. The guidance guide and balance reinforcement. There are no occupations with the spirit of purpose and guidance in this world as of yet. Maybe we’ll find it here soon enough. I guess i’m just here to map out we’re missing.

Authority on Earth. What Makes The Pope Special?


Other then having the Keys to Heaven and being the successor to Saint Peter who was named the “rock in which the church will be built on”. What makes this successor any more important than the next guy? He wasn’t elected for his gifts. He just has special privileges and a role. He doesn’t even need to come up with ideas to improve to keep his chair or actual physical work other then maybe signing a couple things and attending some events. A true pope would be learning new things, contributing to the world with his own hands, sticking his neck out for political injustice, getting his hands dirty building homes for the homeless, doing something about poverty or if that’s too harsh maybe doing something with his influence like visiting schools and doing seminars, writing a book. A man with all the keys and he does nothing with them is pointless. Not to mention the inconsistency in the bible because of changes, drafts and mistranslated work. Why do they take things out in the first place? Wasn’t there a rule not to edit, take away and add to the holy scriptures? Why do they depict Christ as the most European looking white guy instead of who he suppose to be a “not pleasant to the eyes” bronze dark skinned man with afro kinky hair? History has been warped, the bible is warped, authority is also warped and everything is all muddy. We need a leader with a human body with the authority of the heavens more than ever.

Even after reading about what he actually does in office i’m not convinced he did very much. Like appointing new bishops – can’t he just email them? Liturgies, are they really necessary. Saying a bunch of quotes and phrases when it can just be understood by a coherent conversation over the phone? He resolves religious and political matters now and has to attend certain meetings with important leaders of the world. “Now” means he hasn’t done it in the past throughout his life or not as often. I understand about the important meetings and how he needs to run his Vatican city but there’s a bigger world out there and his influence is more effective there than apparently “never leaving the city” sitting in his office. I don’t know why i’m so angry at the pope. Yes i do but what can you do, everyone has a role in this messed up world.

What my existence really means: I know i haven’t prayed every day or gone to church and all that. I’ve been living in my shell and any religion that tries to tie me down i try to run away from. Buddhism, Christianity. They’re both great, and i know in the end you have to choose one or the other. I was born Buddhist but i spent most of my days as a Christian. Though maybe i don’t know what it fully means to be fully Christian, so i’m a little withdrawn. Too many changes, responsibilities and strange ideas. I just want to express what Christ did for us. He died so that we could have a functional society. So that we can be forgiven for our past wrongs in order for us to redeem ourselves. He gave us the gift of time, functionality and order. I don’t mean to be the guy spitting in his face by not doing everything he commands like – tithing, service or glorifying god’s name but i’m good people, raised by good people. Known to be someone people can rely on for moral support, Why is it we separate from those we call church people, temple people and the sinners. We are a community of people but when it comes to spiritual bodies we must choose one or we are sinners who don’t think to repent?

There are some good people in life who start families and when they state that they do not belong to a church they are labeled – and therefore because they are not apart of a church there is something wrong and a suggestion of churches to join comes up. Christ went to the Buddhist to learn more about enlightenment. And the Koran is said to be the incorruptible truth that Christianity and Judaism sprung from. We are all connected in one way or another so why are we discrediting each other and choosing sides when there is one God. I understand Islam is a little unstable right now so going back to those roots would probably destroy us but there is no reason for the hatred for another culture just because they have a different perspective. The only problem is the violence, hatred and destruction of the old religions. The other problem is pressure to convert to a religion when all that is necessary is that a person lives with strong truths, ideals and are willing to redeem themselves.

I have the light, I know it in my heart. I just don’t have the authority to preach things i may not understand fully. Afraid something i might say may be thrown back at me refuted. But i’m independent and strong and i know that if i follow my heart i will carve a way in this world with or without the world. I went through his baptisms and silly service rituals and singing, he already has a part in my life but i think if anyone has any say in my life it is the Whole of Trinity. God, Christ and the Holy spirit. The combination and not just one piece. It is the system that i follow my orders from. There is no authority on Earth except Christ who is dead but will return.

Which brings me to the conclusion that because Christ has Ascended his body is through us. The Christian body of Christ. His spirit dwells in all of us who accept him in his heart no matter what church affiliations you have. Orthodox, Lutheran, Fundamental, Jewish, Latter day saints, Adventist it doesn’t really matter. Is it not the idea that we accept Christ into our hearts and accept his gift that really matters? I understand his gift, i see it in life everyday, i live it and i appreciate it. I believe this is enough to claim that I am Christian even without the practice I at least have the spirit, body and mind and have given my spirit, body and mind. This without the incense, service and practices which seperate us.

I pray that if Christ is the only way to heaven that he will have mercy and give those who do not accept him the chance to be redeem themselves through the grace of the Holy Trinity. I just don’t like the idea of people getting cut because they haven’t heard or understood God’s word. Is it too late when they are dead to hear it again and understand their options? Option a: Accept Christ as your Savior and take the route to heaven. Option b: Ignore Christ as your Savior and take the detour route into the vast lost of space. Option c: Refuse Christ as your Savior and forever be lost in the mists of in between worlds. I sure hope that will change minds, but then again whats the point of a glorious shiny place when your dead? You can’t really truly experience it as just a spirit. It makes no sense. You can only influence the world of the living as a spirit in heaven. Then again, Angels, inspire, motivate and influence life everyday not to discredit them they are a blessing. It just baffles me with all these divine entities out there why they would not manifest as some giant powerful form and tell people directly what needs to be done. Rather they would just stay as whispers and spirits consulting among themselves and refer back to humans to do their bidding.

I think this brings up more questions than answers. Forgive me if i provoked any unintended emotions. I just have alot of say apparently.

The Situational House

I dreamt about an old friend let’s call him Situational Sean. In this dream he was really angry and looked at his watch told me I was in the washroom for 1 hour and that I gave him nothing for his birthday. And a whole lot of other things I can’t remember but he told me this is the situational house. He basically put me in a whole bunch of situations and it reminded me that had I not joined his church at one point I would’ve never been his friend. Had this church never existed we would’ve been complete strangers other then the fact that we went to school together at one point in time but never really talked. This brings me to believe that all events in our life are situational whether we take the opportunity or not like love, a new friend, a new job or just a new decision in general. Life/God can’t give us this opportunity when we ask immediately for it because it’s situational; meaning there has to be a condition or story that brings this reality into existence. Funny thing is I had this narrow mentality of a straight and narrow path to justice before. To do the right thing but at the cost of forgetting the grey spectrum, ingenuity and originality. Like converting to something you didn’t fully embrace or believe in. Things didn’t feel right and I just left this church even though I know that it was created specially for me. It reminded me of a big dating service in the long run which guaranteed me getting married but this meant I was also getting married to an idea I wasn’t sure of. Though I fell ill and whole bunch of things happened to me that i wasn’t too happy about as if I was being punished for putting down all the gifts he was putting in front of me. But you can’t blame me for what I do because no one gives a direct message of interest in the world of love it’s all indirect, no one goes up to you and tells you “join my company” without knowing who you are, no one just gives a free trip to Italy without strings. I shouldn’t let uncertainty take away all the fun in life but I want to feel and know that things are right before I make a life altering decision. Though what is life but a world of uncertainty? I guess all you can do is pray things go right and go with the flow.

In my case I’m a little stubborn so my suggestion is never give in to expressing your true self. If you’re looking for something worth holding on to go for it. If all previous decisions never fell through let it be because it was never meant to be. All things that have come to pass you by just means you have more opportunities to look forward to. Maybe your significant other is going through the same process, indecisive and not ready.