Legacy and Heritage

We are born into a heritage of people but we are not bound to them. We are free to decide what we want and who we want to be. This is important because people who burden themselves with the past and carry on that burden to the present day; through guilt, responsibility for their people or spite for those they hate will never live a full, free and see the ideal life that was meant to be. Those who were born into a legacy where they are made to become a certain person do not need to submit to what their culture or family require of them. They should respect their family’s thoughts but if it forces them into a situation they do not agree with then it is time to move on and seek the life they wish to live even if it means to separate from those people entirely. A healthy life’s direction is dependent on who you are, who you want to be, what you know and where you want to go. These things do not completely make up a happy life but they are a basis for generally what you need to be happy. Identity is a struggle in this day in age where people makeup things based on what they see not by what is actually fact. Especially by media; The world of Media is now dominated by Hollywood action movies, fashion and pornography. Its a cluster mess where people’s interests lay in the material things and things that go boom and bang. Ethnicity has a stereotype that is hard to shed until you get to know the person.

As a Vietnamese Canadian iI didn’t have a problem growing up since i moved about a diverse variety of click groups; nerdy, smart, jock, artsy it didn’t matter to me, it was all based on your interests. it was really difficult for me to feel like i fit in some times though since i was so many things at once. Fun things to do in the city or groups seem to be for the click groups that have niche interests and you just had to be in one to do something. Which i totally understand but it’s hard for people to open up when judgement is on your abilities, ethnicity, stereotypes seem to be the first thing on your mind rather then hey “i have an interest in something, let’s play”. Which is where i see how it may be difficult for foreign students who don’t even speak the language to grow and be socially adapted here. Not that socially adapting is necessary, it just makes things more comfortable and fun. These kids that “have no life” seem to end up with good jobs and are successful rather then investing their time in looking good and involved in drugs, sex or alcohol. Which is great I suppose. I think it’s the path you take as a human that makes you who you are. You could be a shining star through high school get involved in everything; do all the bad and good, gain the experience. Get your scholarships, road scholarship, MVP whatever and still be great and that would put you at a level where you can gain leadership roles in the world of work. I just hope the world is more open and ready for intelligent humans this generation who think, feel and act with more maturity then what the world expects them to be.

I had a problem in school where i was expected to be smart because i was Asian and being so the idea got to my head and i never took anything seriously, never tried to do my homework, or ace my tests or all the things that would’ve pushed me towards a higher education earlier. I guess i’m a late bloomer in that i have only started to become who i am really late in the game (of life). I am very fortunate to get the credits and marks i needed to get into majority of the programs and safe as far as i know for success. Seeing that i was NOT the brightest in my classes, if i were i’ll never know now. The education system doesn’t determine who you are, it is what you do with your life that matters and what you do with it while you work. Don’t be a slave to the system but don’t be too shy to be a contributing part of it. There’s a certain balance you need to achieve in everything and this is one of them. Don’t be a slave to your legacy, you make your own destiny. Heritage is important because it’s your roots but you don’t have to carry their burdens as a people when you have so much to live for in today’s world.

The Educational System, Jail and White privilege

Incarceration Rate by Gender and Race

We’ve all been processed through the educational system to memorize mindless amounts of seemingly meaningless information, some without application. It is amazing how some students such as i have been able to get through it. I personally am a little irresponsible in that i will leave everything to the last minute. So i cram everything the night before the exam and after the exam i forget it all as if i learned nothing. Maybe that on my part is my fault but students who fail high school they fall through society’s hole and get lost in life leading a life of either labor or sometimes even crime.

Let’s talk about White-privilege a concept many misunderstand. There is a statistics about Black and Latino people sentencing statistics and in this article about 10 most startling facts about ethnicity. It seems that people are more unlikely to go to jail if they have families with stable homes, income and relationships. A learning environment is a very important thing in a child’s development and also the attitude of the individual. It does not help that some people associate black people with physical strength and aggression. It is startling how some people will jump to conclusions about how a person will behave based on their ethnicity. In Canada we have a lot of homeless natives even though they are the most privileged in the Country because of their history with the Canada.  They majority of the time are drunk or angry or both and hold a grudge against the world for loss of their land – sometimes even blaming them (white people) for their current state of life which is not right.

The necessity for good roots to grow is important for a tree to have. Meaning the foundations of a person’s needs is essential for a persons growth. A well educated man with a good upraising has a better chance of becoming a capable person in the future. If money is the only reason why people are falling through the cracks why is it that we let those people fall so low? There was an experiment in Utah about making homes for the homeless and it costed them less to build those homes, hire a social worker to get them on their feet than it was to incarcerate them and keep them in jail. “Utah, effective way to get rid of homeless” . It is amazing what we can learn about our system when we approach it in a different direction. A proper shower and a suit will take a man a long way for finding a job. Homelessness is a dead end if you think about it. No clothes, no showers, no food, no shelter; This means that the person will smell, be fatigued from exhaustion, tired from lack of sleep, and weathered down with no motivation. It is a fallen state no one should come to. Understanding this makes a big difference because we all know how we treat someone on the streets asking for money. We give them money sometimes ignore them, isn’t that right?

We associate White people with good, wealth, security and sometimes power. And dark with uncleanliness, chocolate cake is “the devil’s cake” therefore evil, brute strength and aggression. And this is all wrong because the toppings to a pizza don’t make it a better pizza. It’s still a pizza. Full of calories and carbohydrates but still a meal. That’s how i see people, as platters of pizza pies cooked at different temperatures and at different times (hence the shades). They dress nice with their toppings but they are all made of the same doe that is the essence of humanity. We are all the same, maybe with different experiences, upraising, decisions, different conditions and circumstances which make a different person. It doesn’t matter how much better a person you are physically, mentally or spiritually you are still susceptible to tragedy, sickness and death. There’s no way around it, it is bound to happen. If we start looking out for each other as a priority this is the way. The only answer is love. We got to make things happen for these people to show we care what happens to them.

Racial profiling roots against minorities video. This one is a pretty interesting in that it explores how all these rules and regulations on drugs came to be.