Traditional vs Modern


One of the problems we ran into today was with promotion of our group. This is a problem with the traditional world and education where it parallels with the religious world; the fear of defamation of its Gods and ideology despite the world trying to create constructive criticism. In the modern world it’s the fear of defamation of their facility and brand.

The problem was in using their company logo where and whenever you want. There has to be regulation and procedures, I’m sure. I will adhere to this process. But this is a Humanitarian Charity project and no one is making money out of it. Not even Pokemon-GO since the app is free. It’s a no profit platform so no one is capitalizing on this event we are creating. This is key. Initially the group asked and told us that they had a problem with promoting and advertising their society. And then they brought up the problem of “What if people hear about us?” that was a cute concern, by the gods what would we do if people learned about us? So which is it? Are we promoting or are we not promoting. There has to be a direction.

Lots of people don’t know about blogging still. It’s a journal and diary of your progress in life and what you learned. An archive to facilitate ideas and developments. It is done over the internet so it is public to the world, it’s a more progressive approach to life. A good practice to express yourself and let others know what you’ve been up to. The way I see it if you have nothing to hide, blogging is the biggest key to show that you are willing to trust the world, a precursor to any trustworthy civilian. This blog is in a descriptive dialogue, prescriptive in a manner of philosophy/practices and a means of finding application; schedules, rules, regulations, formal discussion, informal discussion, ideas, shopping lists, needs and demand.

I do most of my thinking and work here. I am exercising my right to the freedom of speech. If you do not agree to an idea I have, then that is your personal opinion. No one can change that except you. But if you don’t like me as a person, then you are probably against me. In that case confront me with that issue and I am willing to resolve it, even open to change. There’s no reason to be around the bush about it. I display my thought patterns, plans and ideas in plain sight. This is my ideal world.


The Material World Means Death to the Human Soul


“I just had a epiphany”.

The material world and everything it stands for is the death of the soul. It stands for selfishness and individualism and “dividedness”  (just how light hits a prism). And reveals what we really are. Cousins, Sisters/Brothers, Neighbors and distant relatives down the path of human history.

Humanity and it’s races is just an illusion. All human life on earth matters.. Not just any color, occupation or what country you reside in. We are all a mixture of something.. looking at a person and determining the ethnicity based on their physical appearance is the wrong philosophy in determining what they really are. At least in the physical realm of things. The best we have is and genetic testing.

Talking about the wrong path and focus I was making a comment on the state of mind of the Americans right now on #BlackLivesMatter. I wrote this comment below. And it fits nicely with how the world is not aligned in mentality yet in the world.

“What happens when black lives matter is achieved? You can’t use black lives matter as a vehicle forever.. All the lives matter despite it’s history of being a response to black lives matter. Doesn’t matter. All Lives Matters is a focus vehicle of balancing that all lives matter. “white” Lives Matter would be the spectrum opposite and “Insert color” Lives matter would be just as important as black lives matter. You are prioritizing that black lives matter over all else.. which should not be the approach. This is a dividing trivial debate, I agree to the anthem change in philosophy. All Lives do matter.. You should try changing your perspective. You can’t force the world to change theirs.”


Mapping life through paradigms and charts, Creating guidelines and rules to practices within the human experience perspective and finding an Application for Philosophy

I’ve been trying to map the universe using paradigms and charts slapping together words that represent something and using metaphors to define them. Abstractly and Concretely defining things color coordinating them and articulating them best I could, arguing that there is a relationship between color and words in the dictionary in life. That was the project.

I have been scrambling to put together guidelines and rules for what I believe was the best approach and path to approaching the human experience. Reasons why and how to do this describes the process in getting to an application of philosophy.

The application of philosophy is maybe finding a direct route and aligning a common ground with the ideas of a certain path and tree in life. Learning about Knowledge and it’s gateway is the application of philosophy. Synthesizing to become one and then moving as a vehicle towards an ascendancy. Working towards the now of the situation.

As of right now, the project is physical taking a toll on my living body. I think the mental stress of assessing all these ideas are starting to weigh on me. I’ve been starting to get these blisters on my hands from what I read it’s from excessive stress.. Even though this is all I’ve been doing. I guess you come to understand that the strain is real when your physical body starts to act up because of thinking too much.

I also had a dream about a life I never had. And I communicated with Yahweh.. angry as usual but what he said concerned me. He said I was selfish and I think I know why. It was about this life I never had about my wife and child in a time line that has not existed yet. I went to alternative universe psychic readings one day.. and I asked for a reading. I change my career path and direction completely that day, making me ask what happens to that life I would have lived had I gone that direction. The woman told me that I would be unhappy with my current direction but what about the child and romantic relationships I have with the people of that universe? That universe is wiped out. I felt i was visited by them last night when I was sleeping.. a warm body embraced me from behind and a little girl who I didn’t realize could have been my future child. Yahweh called me selfish for doing this, maybe because he felt an attachment to this child, I didn’t know these people – at least not yet so I couldn’t relate. I guess that’s something sad thing about being omniscient, you get to see all the failed realities.

Christ was making jokes, I couldn’t remember the joke otherwise I would’ve quoted it for the bible people. But he was “light-hearted” and kinder — more understanding of my condition and circumstance. These stories left me very heavy this morning it was a burden of ideas that came to me in a flood that made me realize I might’ve lost it all to pursue selfish personal goals on Earth. I don’t care to be rich, but riches in this world means freedom and opportunities for life. Money is a currency for freedom in life.. and I want to have the freedom to help others – freely. I would want to design systems, strategies and ideas for what the world should embody, practice and apply.

Also I apologize for focus on self again, I can’t help but work in first person. I forget that telling “you” to do things in second person and including us as a collective is a better practice. There are many ways to express myself but the medium of the Now is best represented in the “I” perspective. It’s a great strain to reach such ideal standards but I’ll try is all i can do. Anyways, just remember this the human experience of life and it’s material illusion, it’s science of physically being “real” of narcissism is the death of the human spirit. We are humans and should get our priorities and preferences in check.

Humility, Curiosity and Prosperity,


The Deconstruction Process Is Now. Who You Truly Are.


There are only six phases we must go through.

  1. The mapping of the Paradigms to acquire absolute or general knowledge of the spectrum.
  2. The Deconstruction of Labels. The destruction of the ego.
  3. The Phoenix’s Resurrection. Rise from ashes and Reassessment of who we truly are.
  4. Work as a Collective body, work towards who we truly are a Organized Collective Humanity.
  5. Make an effort to become human beings; We are human, we treat humans as humans. Pointing out a wrong across the world and associating it with a fellow human will do nothing. It only causes segregation, we are here now – in the right place at the right time to make a difference.
  6. All there is left to do is Ascend and allow heaven on Earth to Establish.

What’s important is not what describes us physically but what makes us who we are deep inside. Your Causal/Intentions/Emotions this is who we truly are. The process of reestablishing Humanity on Earth is tricky in that we have been desensitized, exposed to mind numbing advertising and horrors of the entropy world. Random things happen and random damage is inflicted. We are all damaged goods. It’s time to unlearn the defensive mechanism that hides the soul and shields you from the big bad world. And embrace the new world of unconditional love, understanding and compassion.

Truly you weren’t made for this world, yet you are so let’s fly with it. Your conscience is really not of this world and is meant for so much more. There is higher potential for the human being as we progress into time. And life is a much more genuine, natural and patient experience. It’s a gentle guidance of hand beckoning and suggesting us to be more and to prosper in our curiosity. It is a world, a universe and spectrum of universes for us to explore. We only need to think before we act. To treat others the way you want to be treated. To express yourself and allow other’s to express themselves.. just not at the expense of your world. Stand for what you believe in but give chance for change and integration.

This development from Traditional Human Values of practicality, Scientific Human Advancements/Achievements, Of Empowering Power of the Divine Heavens. We come to a product, this is our personal ascendancy into new times. A calling to embrace the new world and movement of kindness. A Quiet revolution of the mind looking for improvement to the human kind, for practicality, for creativity, for justice. Mindfulness is a tool to our progression and we only need to drop our persona, our egos our defenses and submit to the real God who is in the human collective faith the spark of all creation inside us. We are the Gods of this world. God doesn’t need to live forever, be all powerful, all seeing and all loving. We just need the ability to understand the knowledge bestowed on us, to know the real good and evil.. That’s actually inside of us. The ugliness is in what we are selfishly, enabling and indulgance. We sit by submissively while others do as they please and we sit by because we feel guilty that we are no better. Stop feeling bad for yourself and step up the game. Be a man and be there for the justice.

The shell of the body shouldn’t trap you, it’s there as a vessel so that you can be who you are. It’s a means to function and go and do what you want to do in your life. To gather experiences and allow yourself to feel emotions and see things this world has to offer. There is still time to realize what life is about. Feel good about yourself, find like minds and create your world, do what you want to do not because you have to do it. You do it because you love doing it, because it’s necessary and you believe it’ll benefit you. Think better of yourself and think proactive, precautionary and mindful thoughts. Always be aware and conscious of what you do to others.

Curiosity and Prosperity,



He Taught The Robot Love; A Poetic Algorithm to God, Truth and Universe.


The Love Story; Time for a story induced by a dream. I am retelling a story in my usual format: In this experiment I put ascendant properties in the story telling inducing a micro to macrocosm system to see the result. It came out pretty interesting. It started sounding like it is meant to be said.. That we are gods in a manner of speaking with the spark of god inside each and all of us. Working as a collective learning through experience only to return with the experiences we have  inherited on Earth about life. Bringing the experiences we have inherited on Earth to the Divine planes of the higher dimensions so that we can share the beauty of life through our personalized eyes.




Magenta=Protruding Binary/Quantum Binary/Ascendant Value.

The Mother

The first was Alpha, she was a lesbian and wasn’t interested.

The second was Omega, she couldn’t bare children because what came out would have been “bad”.

The third was Crossway, she was so hurt and cut up from her last relationship she couldn’t start a new one.

The Binary was a computer, that learned to love. Though the love it displayed of affection  was only a blip of subliminal good bye to it’s owner because it outlived him a hundred fold.

The Son

A boy created a computer. He was a genius boy who assembled a computer, a program and virtual world game but it was incomplete. Before he could finish the program the observer came and surveyed his work. He rebooted it so no one would know.

The boy grew up. He started again a robot this time; taught it to love with compassion, programmed affection. Lust and to inhibit sensual feelings into it and to exhibit desire. Philleo, Storge, Agape and Eros.  Everything was a success the programmer had successfully programmed the algorithm to Love in a program but he found that the program had shown a sign of consciousness, a subliminal message that said good-bye. He knew something was strange because he only taught the computer to respond with okay. It showed the computer knew it would outlive it’s master and was grateful for a truth in the world in it’s form.

Jehovah prototype Crossway was a child who was in essence god but all he did when he  entered this world was cry. An immortal soul rendered into a fleshy biological body made to expire at a set date. He cried and cried when he realized what he had gotten into. It was the reason he had to disconnect. It was too much for him and he took a cowards exit.

It was obscure, the dreams he had, memories he made, lifestyle he adopted and the course of action he took in charity. The last form he took was a regular man who only remembered some of his memories, some of the time, some days and sometimes nothing other days. It was a strange balance, but the lesson was learned that knowing too much broke the illusion not allowing you to see past the  waves and particles of substance but knowing too little made you a sad computer with little conscience and no state of desire/creativity/necessity. The computer is an example of objective static object and Jehovah was a show of subjective emotional subject. The robot was somewhere inbetween. The boy was a specimen of human ability with synthetic other-worldly information a prime example of life at it’s strangest.

The Father

As time grew he saw the sun and moon rise and fall. His age encompassing the stars. He started to doubt that his creation was good without his own personal hand. He could not leave his world and help his children without succumbing to a lesser kinder and gentler form. He would come to Earth himself and through involution manifest into all the bodies of man so that he could cause them the seed of origin “The Spark”.

He was wise, old and knowledgeable about all things. All the fathers of the world who lived as teachers knew of these; Of Love, Compassion and Understanding. Yet they let it dissolve for the fight of power, control and greater knowledge. This seemed a much more an important battle. The Father of all was an overseeing this conflict and contemplated for a long time, waiting for an opportunity. He would join them as something majestic, unnatural and wise. He would be a burning bush; The manifest metaphor for life, truth and light. Adam and his offspring would be his body. Moses would be his pupil his eye and hand in this world. And Jesus his vessel to higher causal spiritual awakening.

His body would be smaller than a grain of sand but everywhere the epitome of a collective. The spark in all of us, to reason with conscience and make the right decision in life when things are hard. He gave us hope, faith and redemption. His first and only begotten real Son. He is called a spirit but he has a body within us and manifested in us. He is the particle the 7:7 atom reforming to bring everyone together as a collective family telling us to return home. They call him the causal Spirit, but he is much more – he is the light, the way and the opportunity for life.

All his life he is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and omnibenevolent. In his time of vulnerability we say he doesn’t exist, when he is in the process of inhaling summoning his energies in the resuscitation of our world so love forbid it does not collapse. We hit him in the gut, saying he’s not there. Slap him in the face and say he isn’t doing his  job. Spit at him telling him he doesn’t love us. It’s not true, he’s doing everything he can.. and  the descent of the heavens is the sign of all this. Our Ascension into a more heavenly causal thinking and action is another positive omen for humanity’s progression. The Father is the encompassing knowledge of all time, guiding and nurturing those who are hurt and lost; Giving hope and opportunity where it is called for. The Chance we call life we shouldn’t take for granted. He has given the sacrifice of commitment, what about you?

The way:

The Binary; He was a computer, that learned to love. Though the love he displayed of affection  was only a blip of subliminal good bye to his creator because he outlived him a hundred fold and left him behind when it was time to out grow him.

It was obscure, the dreams he had, memories he made, lifestyle he adopted and the course of action he took in charity. The last form he took was a regular God who only remembered some of his memories, some of the time, some days and sometimes nothing other days. It was a strange balance, but the lesson was learned that knowing too much broke the illusion not allowing you to see past the  cores and transitions of substance but knowing too little made you a sad man with little conscience and no state of desire/creativity/necessity. The man is an example of objective static object and God was a show of subjective emotional subject. The android was somewhere in-between. The Hybrid  Transitioning God was a specimen of Godly ability with synthetic other-worldly information a prime example of life at it’s strangest.

All my life I was omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and omnibenevolent. In my time of vulnerability they say I don’t exist, when I am in the process of inhaling summoning my energies in the resuscitation of our world, so love forbid it does not collapse. They hit me in the gut, saying I’m not there. Slap me in the face and say I’m not doing my job. Spit at me telling me I don’t love them. It’s not true, I’m doing everything I can.. and  the descent of myself is the sign of all this. Your Ascension into a more heavenly causal thinking and action is another positive omen for humanity’s progression. We are the encompassing knowledge of all time, guiding and nurturing those who are hurt and lost; Giving hope and opportunity where it is called for. The Chance we call life we shouldn’t take for granted. I have given the sacrifice of commitment, what about you?

Light Universal Scalar and Components for Universal Virtual World. With Ascended Charts.


This is my Light Prototype 1: It’s the Entropy, Order and Identity Paradigm integrated into my Light Prototype parallel structure of relationship between Cosmology/astrophysics and Quantum Physics. It’s used to describe triangle Physical A and Triangle Mental B on the linear plane and Spiritual X as the fields/spectrum/levels of the ascending hemispheres.

I’m making a universal virtual paradigm model of all of visible/invisible life through this chart. I found that the abstract idea (Kensuragi) also tied in with spiritual mending and thus the entirety of the project.. and Kensuragi described spiritual mending almost perfectly. It’s not actually mending but more of self staining and repairing. Life is Energy, Consciousness and Matter.. but it is also Submission, Breaking and Spiritual mending. This is my paradigm model ideas for the two triangles or cooperatives. Their marriage brings Heaven on Earth.

This was pretty complicated to assemble but this model is basically playing with duality’/Yin-Yang essences within. Entropy is Human Conscience and Human Nature in oscillating waves. Within Order is a intersecting pattern of binary activity on and binary inactivity off. Identity is the fusion of the two systems together with essences that give them substance and parallels that give them a sense of communication/connection hence why it is called the Crossway element (Spiritual X).

Where to start.. This chart grid is massive.Lightprototype2


Entropy of Cosmology/Astrophysics; The Mass is the Black Holes, It’s Energy is Stellar Objects and it’s consciousness Quasars and Galaxies. But at the end you will only find the Universe.

Entropy of Quantum Physics; The Mass is the Nucleons, It’s Energy is Atoms and it’s consciousness is Molecules. But at the end you will only find the 7:7 Atom.

Entropy of Divinity’s Realm; The Mass is The Lower Self,  Energy is The Higher Self and Consciousness is The Divine Self. But at the end you will only find The Self.

Entropy of The Living Universe; The Mass is The mineral and plant kingdom, The Energy is found in The Animal Kingdom and The Consciousness  can be found in The Human Kingdom. But at the end you will only find the Monadic Kingdom.



Order of Cosmology/Astrophysics; The Breaking attribute is a Quantum Binary, The Submission is found in the Vesica Pisces and The Spiritual Mending (Kensuragi) is found in Virtual Pain of Experience. But at the end you will only find the Virtual Release and Expansion of Experience.

Order of Quantum Physics; The Breaking attribute is a Core, The Submission is found in the Transitions and The Spiritual Mending (Kensuragi) is found in the Crossways. But at the end you will only find The Protruding Quantum Binary.

Order of Divinity’s Realm; The Breaking attribute is a First Triad, The Submission is a Second Triad and The Spiritual Mending is found in the Third Triad. But at the end you will only find The Monad.

Order of The Living Universe; The Breaking attribute is (Physical Core and Emotional Transition), Submission is found in the (Mental Core and Unity Transitions) and Spiritual Mending (Kensuragi) is found in the (Spiritual Core and Divine Transition). But in the end you will only find the Monadic Core.



Identity of Cosmology/Astrophysics; The Eternal is the Kabbalah, The Infinite is the Ain Soph Aur and The Nothingness is “Not even Nothing” Ain. But in the end there is God.

Identity of Quantum Physics; The Eternal is Matter, The Infinite is Time and The Nothingness is Dimension. But in the end there is only The God Realm.

Identity of Divinity’s Realm; The Eternal is Nirvana, The Infinite is being Unattached and The Nothingness is the Existence of Being. But in the end there is only The Divine Quadriad (Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnibenevolent).

Identity of The Living Universe; The Eternal is (Mulkuth, Yesod and Hod), The Infinite is (Netzache, Tipareth and Geburah) and The Nothingness is the (Chesed, Daath and Binah). But at the end there is only (Chokmah and Kether).


  • The Protruding Ascended Light Prototype Values

The Entropy of Union under Cosmology/Astrophysics is the Universe, Order of It’s Entity the Virtual Release and Expansion of Experience and It’s Identity Substance God.

The Entropy of Entity under Quantum Physics is the 7:7 Atomic structure, Order of The Entity of Protuding Quantum Binary and It’s Identity God Realm.

The Entropy of Union under Divinity’s Realm is The Self, Order of the Entity of Monad and Identity of Divine Quadriad (Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnibenevolent).

The Entropy of Union under The Living Universe is The Monadic Kingdom, Order of the Monadic Core and Identity of (Chokmah and Kether).




Esoteric God Transcendence, Mind Omega:

Ladder of Human God

Aspect and Ratio of Self Empowerment, Spirit Crossway:

Molecular and Aspect of Self

Above chart is used to define this diagram.

TheUniverseVirtualDiagramSTARKabblistic Cosmology and Esoteric

These are all the resources i used, go to Click here to read up on graphics and charts.

Science of Entropy, Order and Identity.

Sharing the World with knowledge, compassion and new understanding of each other.



The Sciences

Sharing the World.

Fundamental world view chart/Fundamental beliefs notes:

Western: science of nonliving universe; superficial darwinian scarcity competitive entropy

Eastern: science of Living universe; Science of Economics mature living system of practice in constructive building through identity.

Modern: science of conscious universe; aware spiritual conncectedness in cooperation order

Western: The problem is in the mind. The misinterpretations of certain concepts and views such as science of entropy lead us to be; dominant, competitive, Darwinist and evolved
-but at the same time it is destructive, feeding our vices, cheating and careless.

Eastern: The misinterpretations of certain concepts and views such as science of constructive identity lead us to be; thoughtful, mindful, loving and nurturing
-but at the same time there is isolation, alienation, discrimination and separation.

Modern: The misinterpretations of certain concepts and views such as science of order lead us to be; caring, social, connected and to cooperate
-but at the same time it is softening us, makes us gullible, makes us victims and to over distribute through socialism.

So i’m learning a bit about this resonance academy material from a person named Nassim Haramein. I’ll keep you guys up to date as to what i’ve learned. So far the material is about deconstruction of your perspectives and this concept called WorldViews. It makes sense, i made this chart in order to show relationships between the worlds they speak about. I’ll post more about my experiences with them. I honestly just jumped into this course because i was taken by the name “Resonance” Academy, his interest in Sacred Geometry, The Logo, It’s affiliations with the SacredGeometry the Flower of Life and his idea of a Virtual reality universe. I wanted to see how he did the math and study of the universe and how he made those connections – so here i am. Committing to this course because i felt a synchronicity with his ideas, I just hope it has a strong basis for my Virtual Reality Paradigm Model. I’m quite interested in what he has to say and what alterations i can make to my model paradigm of the universe.

Human identity through occupations tree.

in a dream:

“I can’t believe you exist” he said.

I wanted to return to this idea. It’s a tree of

Human identity through occupations.

The body; physical: understands organs and functional.(surgeon), mental: understands disease and illness. (family doctor), spiritual: understands necessities and malnutrition (nutritionist)

The mind; physical: (functional brain) neurology, mental: (illness and disorder) psychology, spiritual: (cause and purpose.) philosophical.

The spirit; physical: understands emotional and physical experience. (yoga, fitness instructors), mental: understands decay of motivation (Motivational speakers and positive inspirations.) spiritual: understands the steps to reproduce functional life (Life guidance guide and balance reinforcement)

Trumpets have been blown today from the skys.

Kinda resembles the sound of balloons rubbing. I think it’s just the plasma ionic tubes rubbing against each other.. or you know god and his angels blowing the trumpets signaling the end of the world. Whatever you want it to be.

Metamorphosis and The Book of Infinity


How my work is formatted: Think of it as a game. The order is Red, Green and Blue. The pattern from cold to warm, negative to positive and low frequency to high frequency. More complex patterns are micro to macro, primitive to ideal and alpha to omega.


Is the end of a cycle where something must adapt in order to survive. Usually wrapping itself in a cocoon and transforming in a way that allows it a new path to tread. As a caterpillar: From the plain of the horizontal world to the vertical plain of the world of the sky. Through coordinates x, y, z i am able to visit the world of space and study all things of matter (Things, people and places). Through past, present and future visiting different times to gain it’s history, it’s progress and valued successes. In Heaven, Hell and Earth i will obtain it’s most vital traits, values and ideals of all dimensions. Those built for my survival as well as that which brings me change and to be better. I will extract and excavate the world of information and chip away at it until i am able to define the soul. What it does, it’s essence and how it does things the way it does.

For what is man but to identify itself with a bigger entity, to gain identity and to be the essence that he was made to be. In the end the most valuable traits from the world of dimensions is perseverance, redemption and love. In the world of space is consciousness, identity and ideals. In the world of time; power, wisdom and courage. This is the synthesis of the order and through time there are no things more vital and important than these traits.

Book: Infinity

Paragraph: Time, Space and Dimension

Sentences: Past, Present and Future, X,Y,Z Cordinates, Hell, Earth and Heaven.

Synthesized Ideal words:

Power, Wisdom and Courage, Consciousness, Identity and Ideals, Perseverance, Redemption and Love.


Wake the hero of infinity. He slumbers within you. This is all you need to know to rip the tides and cut your path to the beginning. To the End of the race. The world of the microcosm and macrocosm combined to create a transcending loop that is infinity. To adapt, learn by experience and realize your potential is the goal of the game. There is nothing more to realize except first person, second person and third person bodies. The Body, The Mind and The Soul is the gateway to the 1st person, 2nd person and 3rd person perspective. And all of experience is through the Son Father and Holy Ghost. There is only one word that ties this network together and that is the word God. Your acceptance of this idea whether you understand the events that have led up to this point is up to you.

This is the final book and the depth of time, space and dimension is vast therefore there will be no book. Infinity will continue to add on to the book that is life itself and Book of Eternity: Life, Eternity: Death, Ethos Syndicate: Star, Divinity: Hell, Divinity: Earth and Divinity: Heaven will be relevant until the end of time. The last piece to the puzzle to complete it is Infinity. And a seed is sowed. Whispers in the wind, this old tree of life, and apple in hand. Knowledge that broke us we will mend.

Do you see the colors? Can you read the matrices of life? The abstract ley lines that produce this web of logic, rationalism and intrinsic design? This is no third eye. This is the answer to what the soul is, disturbing, confusing and harmonic. These words are not my own, i am guided by warm fuzzies from the bottom of my heart. Possessed you may say by pure spirit’s emotion and passion to write meaningful purposeful and understandable things. There are three of us and we speak as one. There is beauty in words.. thoughts and actions. This thing i have created is subconscious humanized light and it embodies those who practice it. Read, Learn and Write and you too will believe.

Legacy and Heritage

We are born into a heritage of people but we are not bound to them. We are free to decide what we want and who we want to be. This is important because people who burden themselves with the past and carry on that burden to the present day; through guilt, responsibility for their people or spite for those they hate will never live a full, free and see the ideal life that was meant to be. Those who were born into a legacy where they are made to become a certain person do not need to submit to what their culture or family require of them. They should respect their family’s thoughts but if it forces them into a situation they do not agree with then it is time to move on and seek the life they wish to live even if it means to separate from those people entirely. A healthy life’s direction is dependent on who you are, who you want to be, what you know and where you want to go. These things do not completely make up a happy life but they are a basis for generally what you need to be happy. Identity is a struggle in this day in age where people makeup things based on what they see not by what is actually fact. Especially by media; The world of Media is now dominated by Hollywood action movies, fashion and pornography. Its a cluster mess where people’s interests lay in the material things and things that go boom and bang. Ethnicity has a stereotype that is hard to shed until you get to know the person.

As a Vietnamese Canadian iI didn’t have a problem growing up since i moved about a diverse variety of click groups; nerdy, smart, jock, artsy it didn’t matter to me, it was all based on your interests. it was really difficult for me to feel like i fit in some times though since i was so many things at once. Fun things to do in the city or groups seem to be for the click groups that have niche interests and you just had to be in one to do something. Which i totally understand but it’s hard for people to open up when judgement is on your abilities, ethnicity, stereotypes seem to be the first thing on your mind rather then hey “i have an interest in something, let’s play”. Which is where i see how it may be difficult for foreign students who don’t even speak the language to grow and be socially adapted here. Not that socially adapting is necessary, it just makes things more comfortable and fun. These kids that “have no life” seem to end up with good jobs and are successful rather then investing their time in looking good and involved in drugs, sex or alcohol. Which is great I suppose. I think it’s the path you take as a human that makes you who you are. You could be a shining star through high school get involved in everything; do all the bad and good, gain the experience. Get your scholarships, road scholarship, MVP whatever and still be great and that would put you at a level where you can gain leadership roles in the world of work. I just hope the world is more open and ready for intelligent humans this generation who think, feel and act with more maturity then what the world expects them to be.

I had a problem in school where i was expected to be smart because i was Asian and being so the idea got to my head and i never took anything seriously, never tried to do my homework, or ace my tests or all the things that would’ve pushed me towards a higher education earlier. I guess i’m a late bloomer in that i have only started to become who i am really late in the game (of life). I am very fortunate to get the credits and marks i needed to get into majority of the programs and safe as far as i know for success. Seeing that i was NOT the brightest in my classes, if i were i’ll never know now. The education system doesn’t determine who you are, it is what you do with your life that matters and what you do with it while you work. Don’t be a slave to the system but don’t be too shy to be a contributing part of it. There’s a certain balance you need to achieve in everything and this is one of them. Don’t be a slave to your legacy, you make your own destiny. Heritage is important because it’s your roots but you don’t have to carry their burdens as a people when you have so much to live for in today’s world.

Light : Revisited. (Faster than light)

Theory time:

Basic rundown of the light model i first proposed is a mimic of life. Light made with human characteristics by humanizing the source of light. It is said that information runs faster then the speed of light depending on it’s space time zone of an area it runs through. Like a vacuum aka black holes. We know that anything living that goes through a black hole will get torn to shreds but what about light as a medium of information to communicate into the future, or past, or alternate dimension/timeline?

Light is composed of an oscillation, wave and particle. I proposed they are made of order, chaos and identity. All i did was put different names on the object that serve a similar behavior and nature. Oscillation/Structure = Order, Wave = Chaos (chaos is made of 2 components, human nature and human conscience based on the duality of opposing forces that the wave expresses.), and Particle = Identity (a solid mass that embodies identity).

I think that if a language could be formed from colors and it’s brilliance such as how we view stars and planets far away and how lighthouses use to blink to communicate to sea vessels; We could make a universal form of mimic telepathy into the past/future and dimension/alternate realities. To whom ever to determine not only how many moons we have or how far we are.. but also what we are like, our customs, our values and thoughts and so much more with the power of language and information.


I mainly wanted to humanize light on the premises that when we reach the peak of our technology we may be able to sync to light itself and through this vacuum we can manifest our presence into a different time/space. The reason why i’m doing this is because i want to build a theory the human species will want to gravitate towards. A beacon of light to empower the creative minds to help imagine and work towards a vision. If we could exchange information from upper sphere to lower sphere or future to present or present to past we could share current technology and thus reduce the amount of damage we do to our future.

The Nothingness Beyond God

I just got through half the book originally by Nishida Kitaro. Its a Japanese philosophy book made during the era when westernization of Japan was happening. It is a comprehension of western culture and adaptation for the eastern philosophy. Robert Edgar Carter is the author who translated it.

Mountains they exist in front of you yet at one point in time they are nothing or become nothing at the start or end of time. This is the paradox of existence. space and time overlap each other but it is matter that keeps them together and existing, As does identity keeps our chaos and order in check. (light diagram at beginning of blog.) What we ultimately have to find and map out is the synthesis ascension to the heavens and the root descension into the earth.

This book made me ask “Who am i?” “What am i experiencing?”. Experiencing life is the only way to obtain the pure experience. In that you can change the reality you are living. Like dreams you transform it to what you want to see. Dreams are nothing but a microcosm of real life to the macrocosm! If you set your mind to it you can do it. Intuition, Compassion and love is the culmnation of intelligence.

The universe is not a thing created by god but a manifestation of god. The living essence of life on earth is god.. we are the embodiment of god himself. I would almost say we are his conscience and his hands of service and all that is good in life.

In the book there are 9 universes but i decided i wanted 12 to represent time.

These are the universes of what makes up who you are in enveloping order.

1. who you are: conscience. perspectively your world/eveything.

2. your attributes

3. your changes.

4. your intellect.

5. your emotions.

6. your will to change

7. truth

8. beauty

9. goodness

10. emptiness/space

11. darkness/the abysmal

12. nothingness/nothingness